Edgbaston Marriages

Edgbaston Register – Abbreviations

B. = Birmingham

b. = bachelor

bap. = baptized

bur. = buried

cons. = with the consent of

d. = daughter

E. = Edgbaston

jun. = junior

lic. = by licence

L. = Transcript at Lichfield

mar. = married

M.B. = St. Martin’s, Birmingham

M.I = monumental inscription

p. = parish of

P.B. = St. Philip’s, Birmingham

pr. = proved

s. = son

sen. = senior

sig. = signature

sp. = spinster

w. = wife

wid. = widower or widow.

Words underlined, under dotted, or crossed through for deletion in the original manuscript, which form no part of the final record, are enclosed in { }

Additions, interlinations, and marginal notes by the scribe, which form part of the final record, are enclosed in () EXCEPT (sig.) which means signature = the spelling of the signature.

Omissions by the original transcriber are shown by dots thus ….

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