Tetbury, Gloucestershire Family History Guide

Tetbury is an Ancient Parish and a market town in the county of Gloucestershire. Other places in the parish include: Upton, Charlton, Doughton, and Elmstree. Parish church: St. Mary Parish registers begin: 1631 Nonconformists include: Baptist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Independent/Congregational, Irvingite/Catholic Apostolic Church, Society of Friends/Quaker, and Wesleyan Methodist. Parishes adjacent … Continue reading Tetbury, Gloucestershire Family History Guide


Tetbury Marriages 1799

Volume IV. Thomas Constable, b., & Mary Cooper, s., with consent of parents, 3 Jan. 1799 Jonathan Dicks, b., & Emy Musley, s., 21 Mar. 1799 George Lamb, b., & Jane Harding, s., 28 Mar. 1799 William Miles, b., & Ann Edwards, s., lic., 2 Apr. 1799 William Baker, b., & Elizabeth Norris, s., 14 … Continue reading Tetbury Marriages 1799

Tetbury Marriages 1800 to 1804

Samuel Browning, b., & Elizabeth Buckingham, s., 24 Mar. 1800 James Barrett, b., & Ann Parker, s., 7 Apr. 1800 John Evans, b., & Mary Ann Browning, s., with consent of parents, 14 Apr. 1800 Daniel Walker, b., & Jane Bishop, s., lic., 1 June 1800 Joseph White, b., & Elizabeth Winterson, s., 11 Aug. … Continue reading Tetbury Marriages 1800 to 1804

Tetbury Marriages 1805 to 1809

James Wells, p. Rodmarton, b., & Rebecca Scutts, this p., s., 22 Jan. 1805 Edward Williams, b., & Mary Bird, s., 9 Feb. 1805 John Grant, b., & Esther Tanner, s., 18 Feb. 1805 Daniel Sealy, p. Cirencester, b., & Martha Young, this p., s., lic., 21 Mar. 1805 Samuel Cox, b., & Mary King, … Continue reading Tetbury Marriages 1805 to 1809

Tetbury Marriages 1810 to 1812

William Richardson, this p., a resident, b., & Sophia Lacey, s., 7 Feb. 1810 James Grant, b., & Sophia Waight, s., 22 Feb. 1810 Jesse Bond, b., & Ester Fry, s., 11 June 1810 James Smart, b., & Ann Williams, s., 25 June 1810 John Guest, p. Long Newton, b., & Mary Stokes, this p., … Continue reading Tetbury Marriages 1810 to 1812

Tetbury Universal British Directory 1791

Is a considerable town, on the borders of Wiltshire, containing nearly five hundred houses, mostly well built with stone.  It is a populous town, in a healthy air, and on a rising ground, so that water is scarce in some dry summers.  In its market, which is on Wednesday, the chief article is yarn, which … Continue reading Tetbury Universal British Directory 1791

Tetbury Gell and Bradshaw Gloucestershire Directory 1820

Allaway John, farmer, Doughton Ashbee James, mason and victualler, Ormond’s Head Bainton Jeremiah, lodging house Baldwin John, fellmonger Barnford Robert, woolstapler Barham Rev. Mr. Green Bennett Daniel, gent. Benjamin John, farmer, Charlton Bettridge Abraham Biderman J. W. gent. Biderman T. E. ditto Box James, tailor and habit maker Brown Elizabeth, milliner Brown Alice, plumber and … Continue reading Tetbury Gell and Bradshaw Gloucestershire Directory 1820