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Clunbury, Shropshire Family History Guide

Clunbury is an Ancient Parish in the county of Shropshire. Other places in the parish include: Brompton, Causton, Clunton, Purslow, Kempton, Obley, and Coston. Clunbury is a parish and village, about 7 miles south-east from Bishop’s Castle, and 4 miles east from Clun, in the hundred of Purslow, rural deanery of Clun, and diocese of...

Clunbury Shropshire Poll Book 1865

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of July 1865 between Col. The Hon. P. E. Herbert, Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart., and R. Jasper More, Esq. Poll Book of the Election, July 1865 for the Southern Division of Shropshire. Clun Polling District Clunbury, Parish of 2062 Anthony Thomas 2063 Baldwin John...

Clunbury Registers 1788 to 1789

1788 Jan. 17. Elizabeth Lucas, pauper, bur. Jan. 19. Thomas Morris and Elizabeth Cadwallader, mar. Feb. 27. Thomas, s. of Thomas Statham and Catherine, bap. Mar. 2. Thomas, s. of Jonathan Cook and Elizabeth, bap. Mar. 9. Richard, s. of Humphrey James and Martha, bap. Mar. 13. Thomas Urwick, bur. Mar. 22. John Shenton, pauper,...

Clunbury Registers 1790 to 1794

1790 Jan. 3. Elizabeth Bright, bur. Jan. 5. James, s. of Richard Edwards and Elizabeth bap. Jan. 9. Mary, d. of Richard Hammans and Mary, bap. Jan. 12. Thomas Sankey, bur. Jan. 17. Edy Osland, base d. of Mary Preese, bap. Jan. 31. Thomas, s. of Thomas Edwards and Charlotte, bap.

Clunbury Registers 1795 to 1799

Volume IV. 1795 Jan. 1. John, s. of John and Ann Williams, bap. Jan. 4. James, s. of Thomas and Charlotte Edwards, bap. Feb. 15. William, s. of Thomas and Elinor Whitefoot, bap. Mar. 22. William, s. of William and Mary Davis, bap. Mar. 29. Samuel, s. of John and Elinor Groves, bap.

Clunbury Registers 1800 to 1804

1800 Jan. 1. Ann, d. of William and Martha Lello, bap. Mar. 19. Richard and Ann, s. and d. of Richard and Elizabeth Pugh, bap. Apr. 27. Thomas, s. of John and Elizabeth Lewis, bap. Apr. 27. Richard, base s. of Ann Probyn, bap, Apr. 27. Thomas, s. of Samuel and Mary Phillips, bap.

Clunbury Registers 1805 to 1809

1805 Jan. 6. Ann, d. of Francis and Mary Whitefoot, bap. Jan. 6. Samuel, s. of Samuel and Mary Partridge, bap. Jan. 27. Richard, s. of John and Mary James, bap. Oct. 30. Georgina, d. of Thomas and Ann Gwilliam, bap. Apr. 14. Thomas, s. of William and Ann Bradley, bap. Apr. 14. James, s....

Clunbury Registers 1810 to 1812

1810 Jan. 21. Ann, d. of Mary Bird, bap. Feb. 11. John, s. of Thomas and Elizabeth Mellings, bap. Mar. 18. Ann, d. of Thomas and Hanah Gough, bap. Apr. 29. William, s. of William and Elizabeth Cox, bap. May 13. Jane, d. of Richard and Ann Hammonds, bap. June 5. William, s. of Richard...