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Bridgnorth Shropshire Family History

Bridgnorth comprises the parishes of:

  • Bridgnorth St Leonard
  • Bridgnorth St Mary Magdalen

Historical Descriptions

Morfe Shropshire Gazetteer 1824

Morfe. In the liberties of Bridgnorth. ½ mile east of Bridgnorth.

Morfe, was, in Leland’s time, ‘a hilly ground, well wooded; a forest or chase, having deer.’ It has not at present a single tree. It had its forester and steward from the time of Edward the first to Elizabeth. In it King Athelstan’s brother was said to have led an hermit’s life in a rock. The place is still called the Hermitage, and is a cave in the rock. On Morfe are five tumuli in quincunx. In the middlemost, at about nine yards over in the depth of one foot to the solid rock, was found only an iron shell of the size of a small egg and supposed to be the boss of a sword, and, in a hollow in the gravel, some of the larger vertebrae and other human bones, as in the other tumuli.

A few miles northward from hence stood the very ancient mansion of one of the oldest families in England, the Gatacres of Gatacre; (See Gatacre;) the walls of which were remarkable on account of their being built of a dark grey freestone coated with a thin, greenish, vitrified substance, about the thickness of a crown-piece, without the appearance of any joint or cement to unite the several parts of the building, so that it seemed one entire piece; a most effectual preservative against bad weather. The hall was nearly an exact square, singularly constructed. At each corner and in the middle of each side, and in the centre, were immense oak trees hewed nearly square, and without branches, set with their heads on large stones, laid about a foot deep in the ground, and with their roots uppermost, which roots, with a few rafters, formed a complete arched roof. The floor was of oak boards three inches thick, not sawed but plainly chipped. The whole is now pulled down, and a new house built at a little distance.

Source: The Shropshire Gazetteer, with an Appendix, including a Survey of the County and Valuable Miscellaneous Information, with Plates. Printed and Published by T. Gregory, Wem, 1824

Bridgnorth St Leonard, Shropshire

Bridgnorth St Leonard is an Ancient Parish and a market town in the county of Shropshire.

Parish church: St Leonard

Parish registers begin: 1556

Nonconformists include: Roman Catholic

Parishes adjacent to Bridgnorth St Leonard

  • Astley Abbots
  • Bridgnorth St Mary Magdalen
  • Tasley
  • Oldbury

Poll Books

Bridgnorth St. Leonard Poll Book 1865

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of July 1865 between Col. The Hon. P. E. Herbert, Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart., and R. Jasper More, Esq.

Poll Book of the Election, July 1865 for the Southern Division of Shropshire.

Bridgnorth Polling District

Bridgnorth, St. Leonard, Parish of

730 Austin Charles, see 4139

731 Barker George, see 469

732 Bangham George Augustus

733 Bangham Thomas Alfred

734 Bellett Rev. George

735 Burroughs John, see No. 803

736 Cavalier Thomas

737 Clay George, see 1683

738 Crowther George

739 Crump Henry

740 Davies Edwin

741 Dodd Joseph

742 Easthope Richard

743 Elcock John

744 Ellis Langslow

745 Evans John

746 Hazlewood John Price, see 727, 823

747 Home George

748 Humphreys Stephen Henry

749 Jeffreys Henry

750 Jones Dodo Davies

751 Leake Robert

752 Lewis John, see 835

753 Lloyd Joseph

754 Lowe Francis

755 Lowe George

756 Masters John Smallman, see 523

757 Matthews John

758 McDonald John Coling Campbell, see 3692

759 McLelland Robert

760 Milner William

761 Nock Thomas Francis, see 920

762 Nock Thomas

763 Orchard Edward

764 Owen Thomas

765 Perry George

766 Perry John

767 Phillips John

768 Preece William Goodwin

769 Powell Thomas

770 Rea William, see 855

771 Reece Richard Lard

772 Roberts Thomas Archibald

773 Reece John Smitheman

774 Reese John

775 Rogers George

776 Rogers Henry

777 Rogers John

778 Roberts William

779 Skelding Thomas

780 Smith Hubert

781 Smith John Jacob

782 Smith Richard

783 Southwell Thomas Martin

784 Tart James

785 Townshend William

786 Turnbull James

787 Ward Horatio James, see 868

788 Watford William

789 Williams David, see 680

790 Williams Thomas

791 Wyer John

792 Wyley William

Bridgnorth St Mary Magdalen

Parish church:

Parish registers begin: 1610

Nonconformists include: Baptist, Independent/Congregational, Irvingite/Catholic Apostolic Church, and Wesleyan Methodist.

Parishes adjacent to Bridgnorth St Mary Magdalen

  • Bridgnorth St Leonard
  • Astley Abbots
  • Oldbury
  • Worfield
  • Quatford

Poll Books

Poll Book 1865 Bridgnorth St. Mary Magdalene

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of July 1865 between Col. The Hon. P. E. Herbert, Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart., and R. Jasper More, Esq.

Poll Book of the Election, July 1865 for the Southern Division of Shropshire.

Bridgnorth Polling District

St. Mary Magdalene, Parish of

793 Allender David

794 Allender John

795 Allender Samuel

796 Andrews Thomas

797 Armstrong Richard

798 Austin Benjamin

799 Baker John

800 Ball Thomas

801 Bentley Samuel

802 Bennion William

803 Borroughs John, see 735

804 Bowen Edward Farmer

805 Broadfield Arnold

806 Burton William

807 Doughty John Cale

808 Cale John

809 Cartwright Henry

810 Coley William

811 Draper Frank Ryley

812 Deighton Thomas

813 Dixon William

814 Doughty Benjamin, dead

815 Doughty Richard

816 Elcock Edward

817 Grierson James Brown

818 GittinsJohn

819 Griffiths Robert, see 3933

820 Hall George, see 3949

821 Hall Thomas

822 Hardwicke Thomas

823 Haslewood John Pryce, see 727, 746

824 Heathcote John Nigel

825 Higgins John Michael

826 Holt Henry

827 Horton Solomon

828 Horton William

829 Jackson Thomas Augustus, see 619

830 Jones James

831 Jones William

832 Key Frederick

833 Kirtland Thomas

834 Lay Thomas

835 Lewis John, see 752

836 Lloyd Joseph

837 Lowe Edward

838 Matthews Thomas

839 Mason William

840 Maun John

841 Milner John

842 Milner Thomas

843 Myers John Oakes

844 Nicholls Samuel Thomas

845 Norton Charles James

846 Oakes Edwin

847 Oakes William

848 Orchard George

849 Overton William

850 Page John, dead

851 Page William, dead

852 Perry John Hemming

853 Poole John, see 924. 445

854 Purcell John

855 Rea William, see 770

856 Reynolds William

857 Ridley Samuel

858 Shipman John, see 707

859 Sing Joshua

860 Sparkes Arndell Francis

861 Stiff William Phillimore, see 503

862 Stowers Henry

863 Summers James

864 Summers Thomas, see 708

865 Southwell Thomas

866 Tilley Alfred

867 Todd William

868 Ward Horatio James, see 787

869 Wasey George Leigh

870 Weale John

871 Whatmore Lloyd Joseph

872 Wilkes Henry, see 3752

873 Wilkes Richard

874 Yate Joseph

Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel

Shropshire parish registers : Nonconformist and Roman Catholic registers (1903)

Author: Shropshire Parish Register Society; Evans, George Eyre; Fletcher, W. G. D. (William George Dimock), 1851-1935; Kinsella, William

Publisher: [London] : Privately printed for the Shropshire Parish Register Society

(I) A thin vellum-bound volume, 8 in. tall, 6 ½ in. broad; 1765-1798. In the General Register Office, Somerset House, W.C., being No. 2 Shropshire Non-Parochial Registers.

(2) A volume in leather back and marble paper sides, 16 in. tall, 10 in. broad. Transcript of Baptismal entries from No. I down to 28 January 1798, thence on are original entries to end in 1837. Same place and number.

On p.1. is within in faded red ink :-

The Church Book Belonging To the Dissenting Congregation Bridgenorth October 10th 1767.

On the back of p. 1 :-

Isaac Maurice (b. 22 April 1765); Monday, bap. 29 May 1765 by Rev. Mr. Andrews, of Bridgnorth.

Mary Maurice was baptized by her father October 22, 1769.

William Maurice was born 16 June 1772, and baptized 31 July 1772, by Rev. Mr. Boult, Wrexham, Denbighshire.

The Register Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel 1765 to 1812 -


The State of the Society at Bridgnorth 1767 Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel Nonconformist Registers

The State of the Society at Bridgnorth October 10th, 1767 upon my Settling amongst them.

Mr. Robinson, Member

Mr. Francis Haslewood, Member

Mr. John Bache, Weyken, Member

Mr. Thos. Bache, baker, Member

Mr. T. Bache, Park, Sen., Member

Mr. Faulconbridge, Sen., Member

Mr. Faulconbridge, Jun., Member

Mr. John Farr, Member

Mr. John Bourne, Members

Mr. Nath Rhodes

Mr. J. Bache, Swancott, Mems.

Mr. T. Bache, Jun., Park, Mems.

Mrs. Robinson, Mems.

Mrs. Bache, Weyken, Mems.

Mrs. Bache, Sen., Park, Mems.

Mrs. Bache, B.north, Mems.

Mr. Talbott

Mr. Clark

Mr. Street

Mr. Milner

Old Jordane

William Davies

Young Hunt, Singers

Miss Robinson, Member

Miss Davies

Miss Allen

Miss Rhodes

Miss Hen. Rhodes

Polly Bache, children

Thos. Bache

Jacky Bache

Jack Bourne

Mrs. Bache, Park, Jun., Mems.

Mrs. Bache, Swancott, Mems.

Mrs. Andrews, Mems.

Mrs. Bourne, Mems.

Mrs. Williams, Mems.

Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Harrison

Mrs. Brookes

Mrs. Blumber

Miss Bache, Weyken, Member

Miss Betsy Bache

Mr. T. Bache, the Mill, Member

Mr. Sam. Bache

Mr. Jno. Haslewood

Mr. Frank Haslewood

Mr. George Rhodes

Mr. Tho. Rhodes

Jo. Bache, Park

Mr. Will. Haslewood

Mr. Brookes, exiseman

Bill Bourne

Tom Bourne

Dick Bourne

Samy Bourne

Joyce Bourne

Patty Bourne

Bett Bourne

Mrs. Clark, Bromley

James Nichols

John Falconbridge

Joseph Falconbridge

Sam. Falconbridge

Tom. Falconbridge

Kitty Falconbridge

Rich. Steventon

Holly Falkonbridge (sic)

Mr. Phillemore, May 1771 (Probably Joseph Phillimore, brother of Miss Eleanor Phillimore.)

Miss Phillimore (Eleanor Phillimore, youngest dau. of Jonathan Phillimore of Cam, Glos., and Anne Wells, of Bridgnorth, b. Cam 3 April 1739, d. Bridgnorth 9 February 1837.)

Mrs. Haslewood, ironmonger, Nov. 1768

Members of Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel

Members of the Dissenting Congregation at Bridgnorth (No Date Given)

Mr. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson

Mr. Bache, Weyken

Mrs. Bache, do.

Mr. Bache, Park

Mrs. Bache, do.

Mr. Bache, baker, Bridgnorth

Mrs. Bache, do.

Old William Falkonbridge, aged 82, 1772

His son William

Mr. Bourne

Mrs Bourne

Mr. Bache, Junr., Park

Mrs. Bache

Mr. Bache, Junr.. Swancott

Mrs. Bache

Mrs. Maurice

Mrs. Andrews, removed Manchester

Mr. Tom Bache, miller, admitted February 1770

Miss Molly Bache, Weyken

Miss Robinson

Mr. Farr, shoemaker

Mrs. Williams

Mr. Francis Haslewood, Senr.

Old Jane

Mary Wiatt

Mr. Sam. Bache admitted a member 8 March 1772

Miss Betsy Bache, at the same time

Mrs. Clark, Bromley, do. Removed Leicestershire Asbey

Mrs. Sam. Bache, baker, was joined a member of the Church 14 Sept. 1772

Mrs. Galpine joined the Church 15 Nov. 1772

Mr. Clark, Bromley, was admitted member of the congregation 6 March 1774

1784 Members Diss. Cong. at B’north


Messrs. John Bache, Swancott

Thomas Bache, Park

Sam. Bache, B’north

John Bourne, B’north

William Bourne, B’north

Wm. Falconbridge, B’north

Tom Falconbridge, B’north

Thomas Griffiths, B’north

Joseph Bacon, Mose

Thomas Bott, Mose


Mrs. Bache, B’north

[blank] Stedman, B’north

[blank] Bill, B’north

[blank] Bache, Park

[blank] Bache, Swancott

Mary Bache, Wyken

Mrs. Maurice, B’north

Mrs. Sam. Bache, B’north

Mrs. Jones, Harrington

Mrs. Bacon, Mose

Mrs. Bott, Mose

Mrs. Mary Robinson, B’north

Mrs. Rhodes, B’north

Miss Phillimore, B’north

Mrs. Falconbridge, B’north

Miss Willington, Park

Miss Patty Bourne, B’north

Molly Falconbridge

Mrs. Bourne

Total 29.

Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel Nonconformist Registers 1802 to 1812

Register. No. II

1802 James Gay (b. 23 July 1802). 4 August by W. Evans.

1804 John Gordon Gay (b. 3 October 1804). 25 December by D. Davies.

1804 Frances, dau. of Samuel & Bridget Bourne (b. 2 September 1804). 8 October by W. Davies.

1805 Samuel, s. of Joshua Tilt & Margaret Bache (b. 24 December 1804). 20 February by W. Davies (Samuel, father of Francis Edward Bache (1833 -1858), musician; and of Rev. Kentish Bache, minister of Cross Street Chapel, Moreton Hampstead, 1867 -1876, and Since 1887 vicar of Walford-on-Wye.)

1805 John, s. of William & Anne Hampton (b. 18 March 1805). 14 April by D. Davies.

1808 Sarah, dau. of Henry & Margaret Yates. 6 January by W. Evans.

1808 Henry, s. of Henry & Margaret Yates (b. 3 September 1807). 6 January by W. Evans.

1810 John, s. of John & Elizabeth Buckley, hairdresser, High Street (b. 31 August 1810). 12 November by S. Barber.

1811 John, s. of John & Ann Bache, Wyken, gentleman (b. p. Worfield, 28 June 1811). 5 October by S. Barber.

1812 Ann, dau. of John & Anne Bache (b. 28 September 1812, p. Worfield). 7 December by S. Barber.

1810 Elizabeth Frearson, dau. of Samuel & Sarah Barber, Stoneway, Disst. Min. (b. 8 May 1810, p. St. Mary Magdalene). – December by J. Clayton.

1811 Harriet, dau. of Samuel & Sarah Barber (b. December 1811, p. St. Mary Magdalene). 7 June by S. Barber.

Mary McMichael, an adult, bap. by S. Barber.

Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel Nonconformist Registers 1769 to 1779

A Register of Births and Baptisms in the Society. Baptized by Mr. Maurice.

1769 James & Sarah Brookes, children of Mr. Brookes, Exciseman. 24 June.

1769 Sarah Bache, Park. 13 October.

1769 Mary Maurice, own daughter. 22 October.

1770 Johanna Haslewood. 10 April.

1771 Jos. Thomas Haslewood. 11 April.

1771 Sarah Clark, Bromley. 14 May.


1772 Mary Haslewood, B’North. 31 July.

1712 William Maurice, bap. 31 July by Mr. Boult, of Wrexham, Denbyshire.

1773 A child (male), b. at the Park. Sabbath day morning, 7 February.

1773 Thomas, s. of Thomas & Theodosia Bache, Junr., Park, was bap. 3 March in the presence of many witnesses.

1773 A child (female) born to Mr. Sam. Bache, baker. Saturday, 10 July, 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

1773 Rebecca, dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, B.North. Was bap. 8 August in the presence of many witnesses.

1773 Thomas Rhodes, s. of George & Elizabeth Rhodes. 22 September.

1773 Anne, dau. of John & Susannah Haslewood. 25 November.

1774 A son, born at the Park. 5 December (10 ber.).

1774 Joshua Tilt, s. of Thomas and Theodosia Bache, Park. 23 December. (Joshua Tilt Bache Father of Samuel Bache (b. 1804, d. 1876) min. Church of the Messiah, Birmingham, 1832-1868. In conjunction with his friend Canon Miller, founder in that city of the Hospital Sunday movement.)

1775 A daughter to Mr. Sam. Bache (b. Friday, 31 March), baker, B. North.

1775 A son to Mr. George Rhodes (b. Saturday, 22 April), B’North.

1775 Martha, dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, Baker, Bridgenorth. Bap. 30 April; d. October, 1776.

1775 Thomas Rhodes, s. of Mr. George Rhodes, Bridgnorth. 14 May.

1775 A daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Haslewood (b. 10 September), Bridgnorth. 4 July.

1776 Charlotte Rhodes. 4 July.

1776 Barbara Haslewood. At Weyken, 18 July.

1776 Charlotte Griffiths, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Griffiths, cutler, B. North. 16 September.

1777 Theodosia Bache, of the Park, near Bridgnorth. 17 April.

1777 Thomasin, dau. of Samuel Bache, baker, Bridgnorth. 14 August.

1778 Samuel, s. of Samuel & Martha Bache, Bridgnorth. 30 August.

1779 Nathaniel, s. of Mr. George Rhodes, B.North. 13 January.

Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel Nonconformist Registers 1768 to 1798

A Register of Deaths and Burials in the Congregation

1768 Mr. Francis Haslewood, Senr. Died 4 May

1769 Mary Wiall. Died 12 February

1769 Mrs. Robinson. Died March

1769 Mr. Tom Rhodes. Died October

1771 Molly Maurice, an infant. Died 24 April; interred at the Baptists’ Burying Ground at Broseley.

1771 Mr. Benjamin Finch, at Wyken. Died 18 December; interred 20 December at Worfield; aged 55.

1774 Mrs. Bache, Senr., Park. Died August; aet. 69.

1775 Bill Bache. Did August; aet. 27. (Father of Sarah Bache (1770-1844), hymn writer; composer of “See how He loved! Exclaimed the Jews, When Jesus o’er His Lazarus wept.”)

1776 Mr. Bache, Senr., Park. Died June; aet. 69.


1779 William, s. of Peter & Kitty Edwards, Bridgnorth. 20 December.

1780 Mary, and at the same time, Anne, daughters of Thomas Griffiths, Bridgnorth. 6 April.

1780 Female child to Mr. Samuel Bache (b. 18 April)

1780 Martha, dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, B’North. 14 May.

1781 Hephzibah, dau. of Mr. Griffiths, B.North. 29 July

1783 Susannah, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Jones, of Harrington, Shropshire. 3 April.

1784 Charlotte, and at the same time, Ebenezzer [sic], children of Thomas Griffiths, inn keeper, B’North. 8 August.

1785 Elizabeth, Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Jones, Harrington, p. of Sutton Maddox, Shropshire. 17 January.

1785 Sarah, dau. of Samuel Bache & Martha his wife, Bridgnorth. 25 January.

1786 Mary, daughter of Mr. Jones and Martha his wife, Harrington, in the p. of Sutton Maddock, Shropshire. 7 March.

1787 William, s. of William & Martha Jones, 7 May.

1787 Samuel Griffin Griffiths (b. 22 August, 1786). –June.

1788 Martha, dau. of William & Martha Jones. 5 December.

1789 Katherine, dau. of Samuel & Mary Falconbridge, barber, Bridgnorth. 21 October.

1790 Ellen Cummin, dau. of Sergt. Forbes, of the 53rd Regiment of Foot, quartered at B’North. 10 January. Scotland.

Marriages in the Society.

1768 Mr. John Haslewood to Miss Boulton, dau. of old Mr. Bourton, the exciseman. 11 November

1772 Miss Hannah Hall to Mr. Vaughan, attorney-at-law, - Wales. Sunday, 12 January.

1772 Mr. Samuel Bache to Miss Martha Wyke, of Leominster, Herefordshire, - in Scotland. 27 June.

1772 Mr. George Rhodes to Miss Betsy Bache, of Weyken, at the Low Church, Bridgnorth. 11 November.

1790 Nathaniel, s. of William & Martha Jones, Harrington, p. Sutton Maddox, Shropshire, bap. 8 March.

1790 John, s. of John Watson, a north Brittain soldier in the 53rd Regiment Foot, bap. 5 June.

1790 John, s. of John Robertson, Corporal in the same Regiment, bap. 13 June.

1792 William, s. of Samuel Falconbridge & Mary his wife, barber, bap. 5 March.

1792 William, s. of William & Sarah Bourne, baker, at Bridgnorth, bap. 15 April.

1792 Thomas Bailey, s. of William & Martha Jones, Harrington, p. Sutton Maddox, Shropshire, bap. 8 November.

1794 Eliza., dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, bap. 16 March.

1794 Eliza. Stedman, dau. of William & Sarah Bourne, bap.

1727 (sic) Mary Robinson, b. 16 November

1797 Mary Ann, dau. of Joseph & Betty Macmichael, p. St. Leonard’s, Bridgnorth (b. 25 Sept. 1794), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.

1797 George, s. of ditto (b. 15 July 1796), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.

1797 Joseph, s. of ditto (b. 26 June), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.

1797 John, s. of William & Jane Taylor, p. St. Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth (b. 8 Feb. 1795), bap. 10 December by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.

1797 Susanna, dau. of ditto (b. 1 November), bap. 10 Dec. by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.

1798 James, s. of John & Susanna Rogers, p. St. Mary Magdalene (b. 9 October, 1797), bap. 28 Jan. by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.

[six blank p.p.]

On Tuesday, 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the 16th June, 1772, God was pleased to give me a son. It cost its mother dear and brought her to the very Gates of Death: but God stepp’d in and spared. Heaven grant he may live to recompense the tender Mother for what she suffered for him, and prove the Son of Comfort and rejoicing to us both.

[Two blank pp.]

Thomas Griffiths’ wife and children’s ages

Thomas was b. 10 February 1741

Hepziba, his wife, b. 28 October 1748

Married 18 February 1772

Anne, dau. of Thomas, b. 30 November 1773.

Hannah, b. 28 May 1775.

(1) Charlotte, b. 9 September, 1776

Mary, b. 8 February 1778

Anne, b. 14 January, 1780

Hepzibah, b. 5 April 1781

(2) Charlotte, b. 4 March 1783

Ebenezzer, b. 24 July 1784

Samuel Griffin, b. 22 August, 1786

Bridgnorth Castle Street Baptist Chapel

The Register of Bridgnorth Castle Street Baptist Chapel 1779-1836

Shropshire parish registers : Nonconformist and Roman Catholic registers (1903)

Author: Shropshire Parish Register Society; Evans, George Eyre; Fletcher, W. G. D. (William George Dimock), 1851-1935; Kinsella, William

Publisher: [London] : Privately printed for the Shropshire Parish Register Society

The Register of Bridgnorth Castle Street Baptist Chapel 1779-1836 -


Bridgnorth Principal Inhabitants Universal British Directory 1791

The following are the principal inhabitants:


Mr. Thomas Skelden, High-bailiff

Mr. John Lloyd, Under-bailiff


Mr. John Oakes

Mr. Thomas Corsor

Mr. Richard Corbit

Mr. John Bate

Mr. William Bate

Mr. Benjamin Yate

Mr. John Haslewood

Mr. Thomas Powell

Mr. Samuel Jones

Mr. Thomas Nicken


Rev. George Braithwait

Frances Pierrepoint

William Guest

Thomas Nichols

John Millner and Richard Baker, Bridge-masters

Joseph Smith, Town-clerk

John Page and Richard Bagley, Serjeants at Mace

Thomas Lello, Cryer

John Brown, Beadle


Acton Mr. William

Baker Mr. Richard

Botton Mr. Thomas

Brown Mr. Richard

Butterworth Mr. Henry

Cordwell Mr. Bodham

Golding Mr. Richard

Harley Mr. John

Haslewood Wm., Captain in the Navy

Haslewood Mr. John

Haslewood Mr. Benjamin

Haslewood Mr. William

Haslewood Mr. Roger

Lee Mr. John

Oakes Mr. William

Patchett Emy, Captain in the Navy

Pithrington - , Captain in the Army

Powell Mr. Thomas

Sparkes Mr. Joseph

Stanyer John, Esq.

Skelden Mr. John

Stevens John, Esq.

Whitehouse Mr. John


Braithwait Rev. George

Corsor Rev. William

Deathick Rev. Thomas

Edwards Rev. Robert

Futorell Rev. Charles

Harding Rev. John

Haslewood Rev. Thomas

Haslewood Rev. George

Minifee Rev. Mr.

Morris Rev. Joseph

Pithington Rev. Matthew


Beale John, Surgeon

Cooley William, Surgeon

Hall Thomas, Surgeon

Lampet Lionel, Surgeon

Proud Joseph, Surgeon

Shuttlewood Joel, Chemist and Druggist


Corbet Richard, Attorney

Devey Thomas, Attorney

Haslewood Thomas, Attorney

Parker William, Attorney

Smith Joseph, Attorney


Adams Thomas, Maltster

Andrews - , Joiner

Ashwin Mrs., Ladies’ Shool [sic]

Bache Joshua, Grocer

Bagley Richard, Raven Inn

Batley Isaac, Hand and Bottle Inn

Baker Robert, Joiner and Shopkeeper

Baker Joshua, Mercer

Baker John, Victualler, (Bull’s Head)

Ball Joseph, Cabinet-maker

Bangham Frances, Maltster

Bangham Joseph, New Inn

Barnes C., Victualler, (Squirrel)

Bates John, Currier

Bates William, Banker and Mercer

Baven John, Maltster

Baylis Thomas, Mason

Bayliss Tho., Bricklayer and Maltster

Beard Edward, Victualler, (Prince Rupert)

Bourne John, Victualler, (Robin Hood)

Bourne William, Baker

Bourne Thomas, Shoemaker

Bourne Samuel, Miller

Brickley John, Hair-dresser

Broadfield Edward, Victualler & Barge-owner

Brown George, Grocer

Brown James, Cabinet-maker

Bull Elizabeth, Breeches-maker

Burney James, Dancing-master

Burrows Charles, School-master

Capsey William, Hair-dresser

Charles John, Wheelwright

Clarke Pensome, Hair-dresser

Clayton Samuel, Butcher

Cooper Thomas, Plasterer

Connor Edward, Sadler

Cope Stephen, Taylor

Corbit Richard, Victualler, (Crown)

Corsor Thomas, Butcher

Corsor Thomas, Maltster

Corsor Thomas, Baker

Cox John, Toyman and Perfumer

Croft William, sen. King’s Head Inn

Croft William, jun. Breeches-maker

Crowther M., Miller

Dally Thomas, Seedsman

Davis Owen, Chair-maker

Davis William, Confectioner

Davis Wm., Appraiser and Auctioneer

Davis John, Maltster

Davis Richard, Staymaker

Davis Richard, Baker

Devison Thomas, Victualler, (Bridle)

Dickinson Hannah, Grocer

Dodd Thomas, Victualler, (3 Tuns)

Dore John, Grocer and Haberdasher

Downs Edward, Cabinet-maker

Downing, Susannah, Victualler, (Crown)

Dukes Richard, Farmer

Edwards Owen, Sadler

Elcock William, Smith

Evson Thomas, Maltster

Faulkners Miss, Milliner

Fletcher William, Pig and Castle Inn

Foxall Ann, Heel and Patten Maker

Frere John, Tanner

Gitton Thomas, Butcher

Gitton Geo. Stationer and Post-master

Gittos Edw. Taylor and Habit-maker

Gooden William, Barge-owner

Goodwin Edward, Victualler and Sailmaker

Golding John, Hatter

Glase Thomas, Victualler, (Pheasant)

Guest Ann, Victualler, (Ash)

Guest William, Shoemaker

Gwyn William, Shoemaker

Gwyn John, Basket-maker

Had John, Victualler, (Hole in the Wall)

Had Robert, Cabinet-maker

Hanbury George, Ironmonger

Hancks Richard, Glass-shop

Hand William, Joiner

Harledine Robert, Vict. (Red Lion)

Harledine John, Brass and Iron-founder

Harper Joseph, Glazier

Haslewood Jos. Ironmonger and Grocer

Haslewood Mrs. Ladies’ School

Haslewood George, Mercer

Hassell William, Butcher

Haughton Wm., Plumber and Glazier

Hayward John, Shoemaker

Headley Richard, Hosier

Herbert Richard, Taylor

Hide Thomas, Grocer

Higgs Thomas, Barge-owner

Hill Thomas, Timber-merchant

Hill William, Shoemaker

Hill John, Cutler

Hill John, sen. Shoemaker

Hill Joseph, Ironmonger

Hincksman James, Clock-maker

Hudson John, Ironmonger

Hudson George and Benjamin, Smiths

Hughes James, Vict. and Wire-worker

Hughes Mary, Golden Lion Inn

Hunter Thomas, Painter

Inksman James, Clock-maker

Jarrett Thomas, Millwright

Jandral John, Schoolmaster

Jenkins William, Breeches-maker

Jolly - , Master of the Workhouse

Jones William, Cooper

Jones Benjamin, Gardener

Jones Joseph, Duke Inn

Jones Thomas, Barge-owner

Knowles John, Joiner

Langford Richard, Shoemaker

Langford John, sen. Turner

Langford Robert, Staymaker

Lee Robert, Sadler

Lello Elizabeth, Mercer

Lewis Sarah, Shoemaker

Lewis George, Liquor-merchant

Littleford Thomas, Grocer

Lloyd Goodwin, Hop-merchant

Lloyd John, Maltster and Barge-master

Lloyd John, Grocer & Tallow-chandler

Lloyd John, Shoemaker

Lloyd William, Victualler, (Eagle)

Lloyd Richard, Watch-maker

Lloyd John, Barge-owner

Macmichael William, Linen-draper

Macmichael and Baker, Carpet-manufacturers

Macmichael Daniel, Grocer

Maddox Richard, Taylor

Mansell Richard, Maltster

Maun Thomas, Victualler, (Bull)

Maxwell Charles, Hair-dresser

Millner Wm. Victualler, (Punch Bowl)

Millner John, Farmer

Millner Joseph, Butcher

Millner James, Butcher

Millner Thomas, Butcher

Minshell Richard, Bell Inn

Morris Thomas, Grocer and Chandler

Morris Francis, Maltster and Seedsman

Neale George, Stocking-manufacturer

Nevett Tho. Victualler, (Crown & Boot)

Nicholls Thomas, Grocer

Nicholls Morgan James, Baker

Nicholls George, Mercer and Draper

Nixon Thomas, Grocer

Nock John, Linen and Woollen-draper

Nock Thomas, Baker

Nock Thomas, Cooper

Page John, Shoemaker

Page Thomas, Victualler (White Lion)

Page John, Victualler, (Greyhound)

Page Thomas, Breeches-maker

Paget Benjamin, Staymaker

Painter Thomas, Hair-dresser

Palmer Benjamin, Squirrel Inn

Pearce John, Wheelwright

Pearce Nathaniel, Baker

Pearman Joseph, Sadler

Pevey Benjamin, Wheelwright

Pew William, Barge-owner

Pickring George, Brazier

Pickring John, Cooper

Pierpoint Frances, Grocer

Pinner E. Shoemaker

Poolill Joseph, Land Surveyor

Pope Samuel, Smith

Pountney Benjamin, Hatter

Reece Thomas, Barge-owner

Reece Frances, Barge-owner

Reynolds William, Joiner

Rhoads Luke, Brazier and Tinman

Rhoads John, Carpenter

Roberts John, Joiner

Roberts Thomas, Baker

Roberts Joseph, Shoemaker

Rogers John, Watchmaker

Rowe John, Cross Keys Inn

Sadler William, Staymaker

Short Tho. Butcher and Basket-maker

Sing John, Farmer

Smith John, Victualler, (Golden Bell)

Smith Andrews, Confectioner

Southern Wm. Butcher and Victualler (Rodney’s Head)

Stench Richard, Taylor

Strut Richard, Clockmaker

Summons Jolin, Currier

Sutton B. Shoemaker

Taylor Edward, Fishmonger

Tenok Stephen, Taylor

Thomason John, Victualler, (Cross Keys)

Thomason Thomas, Victualler, (Horn)

Thomason Thomas, Shoemaker

Thompson Robert, Farmer

Townsend William, Butcher

Townsend John, Butcher

Wall Ann, Milliner

Watton John, Leather-dresser

Wellings Joseph, Victualler, (Ram)

Whitaker Edward, Fox Inn

Whitehead Elizabeth, Grocer

Wholmoore Thomas, Shoemaker

Wild Thomas, Victualler, (Kouli Kan)

Wilkinson Nathaniel, Merchant

Williams Henry, Baker

Williams John, Taylor

Williams Edward, Sadler

Williamson Thomas, Gunsmith

Willis William, Victualler, (Pig)

Willmott Joseph, Bricklayer

Yate John, Shoemaker

Yate Benjamin, Grocer

Excise Office, Hand and Bottle Inn

Thomas Phillips, Supervisor

Joseph Dawes, Edward Lomas, John Whaley, and Walter Morley, Officers

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Volume the Fifth.

London Gazette

Frederic Southwell - Bridgnorth Shropshire - London Gazette April 1850

In the Matter of the Petition of Frederic Southwell, of Bridgnorth, in the county of Salop, an Insolvent Debtor. NOTICE is hereby given, that the County Court of Shropshire, at Bridgnorth, acting in the matter of this Petition, will proceed to make a Final Order thereon, at the said Court, on the 9th day of May next, at ten of the clock in the forenoon precisely, unless cause be then and there shewn to the contrary.


  • County: Shropshire
  • Civil Registration District: Bridgnorth
  • Probate Court: Court of the Royal Peculiar of Bridgnorth
  • Diocese: Hereford
  • Rural Deanery: Bridgnorth
  • Poor Law Union: Bridgnorth
  • Hundred: Bridgnorth Borough
  • Province: Canterbury