Mary Ann Ross – Newcastle Criminals 1871 -1873

Mary Ann Ross Mary Ann Ross worked as a prostitute and was convicted of theft of money many times, but on this occasion her sentence was for 6 months in Newcastle City Gaol.

Thomas Watson – Newcastle Criminals 1871 -1873

Thomas Watson After being caught stealing some boots, Thomas Watson was sentenced to 2 months in prison in 1873.

John Roman – Newcastle Criminals 1871 -1873

John Roman Aged 64, John Roman had to carry out 14 days hard labour for stealing some clothes in 1873.

John Reed – Newcastle Criminals 1871 -1873

John Reed The young man above was sentenced to do 14 days hard labour and 5 years reformation for stealing money in 1873.

James Donneley – Newcastle Criminals 1871 -1873

James Donneley Also know as James Darley, at the age of just 16, this young man had been in and out of prison, but on this occasion he was sentenced for 2 months for stealing some shirts.

William Harrison – Newcastle Criminals 1871 -1873

William Harrison This is William Harrison. He was born in Durham and worked as a porter. He was convicted of obtaining oats by false pretence. He was sentenced to 12 months in Newcastle City Gaol in 1872.