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Bromsgrove (Shepley Yield Division) 1820

Ashmore Benj., farmer Ashmore J. sen., farmer Ashmore J. jun., farmer Butler William, farmer Clarke Joseph, farmer Derrington Geo., farmer Duce Edward, farmer Horton Thomas, farmer Hunt Rich., cow jobber Jones John, farmer Mutchall...

Bromsgrove (Chadwick Division) 1820

Bate Thomas, farmer Coley Edward, farmer Cooke John, farmer Cooper George, farmer Corbett John, farmer Dickens Benj., farmer Foley John, farmer Greaves Austin, farmer Green William, farmer Green Wm. jun., miller Gubb Joseph, farmer...

Bromsgrove (Catshell Division) 1820

Blakeway John, farmer Bradley John, baker Brewster J & Co., millers Broad John, farmer Bull Thomas, farmer Butler William, farmer Carpenter Mrs., farmer Cresswell Charles, farmer Downing John, farmer Downing James, farmer Edwards Messrs.,...

Bromsgrove (Burcot Yield Division) 1820

Connard Mrs. school Dixon T., coal merchant Hornblower Wm., farmer Palmer Mrs., farmer Partridge Wm., farmer Sanders Thomas, vict. Taylor William, farmer Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

Bromsgrove Universal British Directory 1791

[Bromsgrove] is situated near the rise of the river Salwarp, 12 miles from Worcester, and 114 form London. It is the center of the roads to Coventry, Worcester and Shrewsbury. This town is governed...

Old Postcard of Bromsgrove High Street

Bromsgrove Worcestershire Family History Guide

Bromsgrove is an Ancient Parish and a market town in the county of Worcestershire. Other places in the parish include: Lickey and Chadwick. Parish church: St. John The Baptist Parish registers begin: 1590 The...

Scaife, Rutherford

Bromsgrove St. Johns Graves

Bromsgrove St. Johns Graves – Photographs of the graves at St. John the Baptist church, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. You are welcome to download the photos for your own personal use.

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