Samuel Scott - The Thames at Twickenham
Samuel Scott – The Thames at Twickenham

Parishes in Middlesex



  • Ball’s Pond, Middlesex
  • Bedfont, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Matthew, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Andrew, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Bartholomew, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St James the Great, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St James the Less, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St John, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Jude, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Matthias, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Peter, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Philip, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Simon Zelotes, Middlesex
  • Bethnal Green St Thomas, Middlesex
  • Bloomsbury St George, Middlesex
  • Bromley, Middlesex
  • Brompton, Middlesex
  • Burleigh Street, Middlesex


  • Charterhouse, Middlesex
  • Charterhouse St Thomas, Middlesex
  • Chelsea St Luke, Middlesex
  • Chester Square, Middlesex
  • Chiswick St Nicholas, Middlesex
  • City Road St Matthew, Middlesex
  • Clerkenwell, Middlesex
  • Clerkenwell St James, Middlesex
  • Clerkenwell St John, Middlesex
  • Clerkenwell St Mark, Middlesex
  • Clerkenwell St Philip, Middlesex
  • Close of the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Middlesex
  • Covent Garden St Paul, Middlesex
  • Cowley, Middlesex
  • Cranford, Middlesex
  • Curtain Road, Middlesex


  • Dalston St Philip, Middlesex
  • DeBeauvoir Town, Middlesex


  • Ealing St Mary, Middlesex
  • Edgware, Middlesex
  • Edmonton All Saints, Middlesex
  • Endell Street, Middlesex
  • Enfield St Andrew, Middlesex
  • Enfield Christ Church, Trent Park, Middlesex
  • Enfield Jesus Chapel, Middlesex
  • Enfield St James, Middlesex


  • Feltham, Middlesex
  • Finchley St Mary, Middlesex
  • Finchley Holy Trinity, Middlesex
  • Finsbury St Paul, Middlesex
  • Friern Barnet, Middlesex
  • Fulham All Saints, Middlesex
  • Fulham St John, Walham Green, Middlesex
  • Fulham St Mary, North End, Middlesex
  • Furnival’s Inn, Middlesex


  • Gray’s Inn, Middlesex
  • Gray’s Inn Road, Middlesex
  • Great Stanmore, Middlesex
  • Greenford, Middlesex


  • Hackney St John, Middlesex
  • Haggerston St Mary, Middlesex
  • Hammersmith, Middlesex
  • Hammersmith St Paul, Middlesex
  • Hammersmith St Peter, Middlesex
  • Hammersmith St Stephen, Middlesex
  • Hampstead St John, Middlesex
  • Hampton, Middlesex
  • Hampton Wick, Middlesex
  • Hanover Chapel, Middlesex
  • Hanwell St Mary, Middlesex
  • Hanworth, Middlesex
  • Harefield, Middlesex
  • Harlington, Middlesex
  • Harmondsworth, Middlesex
  • Harrow Weald, Middlesex
  • Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex
  • Hayes, Middlesex
  • Hendon St Mary, Middlesex
  • Heston, Middlesex
  • Highbury Christ Church, Middlesex
  • Highgate, Middlesex
  • Hillingdon, Middlesex
  • Holborn St Andrew, Middlesex
  • Holborn St George the Martyr, Middlesex
  • Holy Trinity Minories, Middlesex
  • Homerton, Middlesex
  • Hornsey St Mary, Middlesex
  • Hounslow, Middlesex
  • Hoxton Christ Church, Middlesex
  • Hoxton Holy Trinity, Middlesex
  • Hoxton St John, Middlesex


  • Ickenham, Middlesex
  • Isleworth, Middlesex
  • Islington St Mary, Middlesex
  • Islington All Saints, Middlesex
  • Islington Holy Trinity, Cloudesley Square, Middlesex
  • Islington St Andrew, Middlesex
  • Islington St Matthew, Middlesex
  • Islington St Peter, Middlesex
  • Islington St Stephen, Middlesex


  • Kensal Green St John, Middlesex
  • Kensington St Mary Abbots, Middlesex
  • Kensington St Barnabas, Middlesex
  • King Square, Middlesex
  • King’s Cross, Middlesex
  • Kingsbury, Middlesex
  • Knightsbridge All Saints, Middlesex


  • Laleham, Middlesex
  • Limehouse St Anne, Middlesex
  • Lincoln’s Inn, Middlesex
  • Lisson Grove, Middlesex
  • Little Stanmore, Middlesex
  • Littleton, Middlesex
  • Lower Holloway, Middlesex


  • Mile End New Town All Saints, Middlesex
  • Mile End Old Town Holy Trinity, Middlesex
  • Mill Hill St Paul, Middlesex
  • Monken Hadley, Middlesex
  • Muswell Hill St James, Middlesex


  • New Brentford, Middlesex
  • Norlands, Middlesex
  • North Audley Street, Middlesex
  • Northolt, Middlesex
  • Norton Folgate, Middlesex
  • Norwood, Middlesex
  • Notting Hill St John, Middlesex


  • Old Brentford, Middlesex
  • Old Street St Luke, Middlesex
  • Old Street St Mark, Middlesex
  • Old Tower Without, Middlesex


  • Paddington St James, Middlesex
  • Paddington All Saints, Middlesex
  • Paddington Holy Trinity, Middlesex
  • Paddington St John, Middlesex
  • Paddington St Mary, Middlesex
  • Perivale, Middlesex
  • Pimlico St Peter, Middlesex
  • Pinner, Middlesex
  • Poplar All Saints, Middlesex
  • Portland Town, Middlesex
  • Potter’s Bar, Middlesex
  • Precinct of St Katherine, Middlesex


  • Ratcliffe St James, Middlesex
  • Ruislip, Middlesex


  • Saffron Hill St Peter, Middlesex
  • Shadwell St Paul, Middlesex
  • Shepperton, Middlesex
  • Shoreditch St Leonard, Middlesex
  • South Hackney St John of Jerusalem, Middlesex
  • South Mymms, Middlesex
  • South Mymms Christ Church, Middlesex
  • Southall Green St John, Middlesex
  • Southgate, Middlesex
  • Spitalfields, Middlesex
  • St Anne Soho, Middlesex
  • St Botolph Aldersgate, Middlesex
  • St Botolph without Aldgate, Middlesex
  • St Clement Danes, Middlesex
  • St George Hanover Square, Middlesex
  • St George in the East Christ Church, Middlesex
  • St George in the East St George, Middlesex
  • St George in the East St Mary, Middlesex
  • St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex
  • St John Baptist Savoy, Middlesex
  • St John’s Wood All Saints, Middlesex
  • St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex
  • St Mary le Strand, Middlesex
  • St Marylebone, Middlesex
  • St Marylebone All Saints, Middlesex
  • St Marylebone All Souls, Middlesex
  • St Marylebone Christ Church, Middlesex
  • St Marylebone Holy Trinity, Middlesex
  • St Marylebone St Andrew, Middlesex
  • St Marylebone St Mark, Middlesex
  • St Marylebone St Mary, Middlesex
  • St Pancras, Middlesex
  • St Pancras Christ Church, Middlesex
  • St Sepulchre, Middlesex
  • Staines, Middlesex
  • Stamford Hill St Thomas, Middlesex
  • Stanwell, Middlesex
  • Staple Inn, Middlesex
  • Stepney St Dunstan, Middlesex
  • Stepney St Peter, Middlesex
  • Stepney St Philip the Apostle, Middlesex
  • Stepney St Thomas, Middlesex
  • Stoke Newington St Mary, Middlesex
  • Stoke Newington St Matthias, Middlesex
  • Stratford Bow St Mary, Middlesex
  • Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex


  • Teddington, Middlesex
  • Tothill Fields, Middlesex
  • Tottenham All Hallows, Middlesex
  • Tottenham Holy Trinity, Middlesex
  • Tower of London, Middlesex
  • Turnham Green, Middlesex
  • Twickenham St Mary the Virgin, Middlesex
  • Twickenham Common, Middlesex


  • Upper Chelsea, Middlesex
  • Upper Chelsea St Jude, Middlesex
  • Upper Chelsea St Saviour, Middlesex
  • Upper Edmonton, Middlesex
  • Upper Holloway St John, Middlesex
  • Uxbridge, Middlesex
  • Uxbridge Moor, Middlesex


  • Wapping, Middlesex
  • Wealdstone, Middlesex
  • Wembley, Middlesex
  • West Brompton, Middlesex
  • West Drayton, Middlesex
  • West Hackney, Middlesex
  • West Twyford, Middlesex
  • Westminster Christ Church, Broadway, Middlesex
  • Westminster St James, Middlesex
  • Westminster St John the Evangelist, Middlesex
  • Westminster St Luke, Middlesex
  • Westminster St Margaret, Middlesex
  • Westminster St Matthew, Middlesex
  • Westminster St Stephen, Middlesex
  • Whetstone, Middlesex
  • Whitechapel St Mary, Middlesex
  • Whitechapel St Mark, Middlesex
  • Willesden, Middlesex
  • Wilton Place, Middlesex
  • Winchmore Hill, Middlesex
  • Wood Green, Middlesex


  • Yiewsley, Middlesex

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