Worcester Cathedral Registers 1789 to 1800

Fol. 29. b.)


1789, May 1. John Fleming, s. of the Rev. John Francis Seymour St. John & Francis his wife. Footnote: J. F. S. St. John, M.A., was second son of Dean St. John (see later note). He was born in 1761, Christ Church, Oxford, B.A., 1783, Prebendary of Worcester, 1804, Vicar of Chaddesden and Spondon, 1814, Vicar of Powick and Rector of Severn Stoke, 1815. He married Frances, only daughter of Richard Fleming and granddaughter of Dr. Stukeley, the antiquary. He died 4th Dec., 1832. His son, John Fleming, here christened, also became Rector of Severn Stoke, and died 3rd Aug., 1848.

1792, Sep. 27. Robert Bathurst, s. of the Revd. John Plumtre, Prebendary of this Cathedral, & Dianah his wife born, and baptized Dec. 11. Footnote: John Plumtre, M.A., Canon of the 3rd Stall, 21st Dec., 1787, his successor was appointed 1808. He was presented by the Dean and Chapter to the Vicarage of Stoke Prior, 5th May, 1788, and to Wichenford, 4th Jan., 1790.

1793, Dec. 8. James, s. of James & Eliz. Durnford.


  1. No Christenings.
  2. No Christenings.



1789, Sep. 15. Miss Jane Rous was bur. behind the Choir in the North Aisle.

1789, Sep. 29. Mr. Fane, Proctor, bur. in the North Cloyster.

1789, Nov. 5. Mr. Williams bur. in the East Cloyster.

1790, July 28. Miss Lloyd bur. in the North Cloyster.

1791, Feb. 7. Mrs. Anne Barton bur. in the Cloyster Green.

1791, Sep. 6. Mrs. Judith Barton bur. in the East Cloyster.

1792, Mar. 15. Mrs. Susan Warren bur. in the Cloyster Green.

1792, Mar. 21. The Revd. Thomas Pixell bur. in the Bishop’s Chapel. Footnote: Thomas Pixell, Merton Coll., Oxford, B.A., 1737, was appointed Usher of the College School 12th Jan, 1746. He was Vicar of Icomb and Vicar of Grimley with Hallow, 1768, till his death in 1792.

1793, July 19. Mr. Elias Isaac, Organist, bur. in the North Cloyster. Footnote: Elias Isaac, youngest son of Edward Isaac, was born in 1725, at Tormanton in Gloucestershire. He became organist of the Cathedral 25th Nov., 1748, after the usual year’s probation. He died 14th July, 1793.

1794, Apr. 19. Mrs. Mary Hall, wife of – Hall, Esqre., of Bevere, was bur. behind the Choir.


Handwriting changes.

Fol. 30).


1796, Jan. 1. Charles Erlin Jackson, s. of Thomas Clarke (Sacrist of this Cathedral) & Sarah his wife born Dec. 19th, 1795.

1796, Feb. 16. Thomas, s. of Francis Cox (a Porter of the College) & Sarah his wife.

  1. No Christenings.
  • No Christenings.
  • No Christenings.



1794, July 25. Mrs. Elizabeth Beete, in the Cloyster Green.

1795, Mar. 30. The Honble. And Revd. St. Andrew St. John, Dean of this Cathedral (who died on the 23rd inst.), was bur. under the Great East window behind the Choir. Footnote: Dean St. John was second son of John, 10th Baron St. John of Bletso. He was born 17th, Jan., 1732, and married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Chase, of Bromley, Kent. He was Dean of Worcester from 1783 to his death.

1795, Apr. 30. Septimius William Plumtre (s. of a Prebendary) died April 27th, aged 13 month, was bur. in the Cloyster Green.

1795, Nov. 22. Mrs. Mary Lewis (wid. of Mr. Richard Lewis, late a Lay Clerk of this Cathedral), was bur. in the Cloyster Green.

1796, Dec. 12. Mrs. Penelope Sclater was bur. in the Cloyster Green.

1797, Dec. 30. Mrs. Bridgett Lowndes was bur. in the Cloyster Green.

1798, July 31. Mrs. Hannah Bourne (second d. of Richard Bourne of Acton Hall in this County), was bur. on the West-side of the Cloyster Green.

Fol. 30 b.)

BURIALS, continued.

1798, Oct. 22. Mrs. Elizabeth Moon was bur. in the Cloyster Green.

1798, Dec. 4. Mrs. Mary Oliver in the Cloyster Green.

1799, Feb. 6. Arabella Maria James, d. of Dr. James (a Prebendary of this Cathedral) was bur. in the West Cloyster. Footnote: Dr. Thomas James, Canon of the 10th Stall, 23rd May, 1797, his successor appointed 1803. He was Head Master of Rugby, 1778 – 1794, and died in 1804.

1799, July 15. Mrs. Mary Smith (relict of the Revd. John Smith, late a Minor Canon of this Cathedral), was bur. in the North Cloyster.

1800, Feb. 7. Mrs. Mary Holcombe, relict of the late Samuel Holcombe (a Prebendary of this Cathedral), was bur. behind the Choir in the South Aisle.

1800, June 27. Mrs. Sarah Fullwood was bur. in the East Cloister.

1800, Nov. 10. Miss Lydia Grape, second d. of Mr. Grape, a late Minor Canon, was conveyed from the precincts of the Cathedral and bur. in the Upper Grave Yard at St. Oswald’s Hospital. Footnote: William Grape was appointed Minor Canon 25th Nov., 1777, and was presented to the Vicarage of Cleeve Prior, 23rd June, 1784.

T. Clarke, Sacrist.

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