Worcester Cathedral Registers 1753 to 1757

Fol. 26).

1753, July 3. William Randle & Martha Hadley of Peopleton, m. lic.

1753, July 4. William Ridding & Elizabeth Godfrey of Alcester, m. lic.

1753, July 7. Richard Jones & Esther Meek of Alfrick

1753, Aug. 4. Charles Lucy of Ledbury & Sarah Smith of Mathon, m. lic. by Mr. Miles.

1753, Aug. 20. Thomas Cooke & Mary Powell of Shrawley, m. lic.

1753, Sep. 18. Francis Averill & Joane Stanley of Broadway, m. lic.

1753, Sep. 19. Humphry Seymour of St. Clement’s in Worcester & Elizabeth Biggs of Powick, m. lic.

1753, Sep. 19. Francis Price & Mary Brewer of Shellesley Beauchamp, m. lic.

1753, Sep. 22. William Russell & Anne Dyson of Hanbury, m. lic. by Mr. Miles.

1753, Sep. 24. Mrs. Sarah Thomas was bur. in the Cloisters.

1753, Oct. 2. Thomas Adkins of Weston in Gloucestershire & Sarah Bird of Bretforton, m. lic.

1753, Oct. 2. James Neil & Mary Bennett of St. Nicholas in Worcester, m. lic.

1753, Oct. 17. Edward Edwards & Elizabeth Bodeley of Stratford-upon-Avon, m. lic.

1753, Oct. 19. Thomas Wheeler & Mary Wadley of Holy Cross in Pershore, m. lic.

1753, Oct. 20. Richard Scriven & Esther Jones of Eckington, m. lic.

1753, Oct. 26. John Cox of Alcester & Mary Hutson of Longdon, m. lic.

1753, Oct. 29. Thomas Shepherd of Leigh & Anne Scriven of Breedon, m. lic.

1753, Oct. 31. William Bullock of the p. of St. Nicholas & Mary Reynolds of the p. of St. Martin’s in Worcester, m. lic.

1753, Nov. 20. Charles Medens & Elizabeth Hooper of Leigh, m. lic.

1753, Nov. 22. Thomas Lightband & Anne Stephens of the p. of St. John in Bedwardine, m. lic.

1753, Nov. 30. Gough Owen & Catherine Davis of St. Clement’s in Worcester, m. lic.

1753, Dec. 10. William Page & Elizabeth Olives of Bromsgrove, by Mr. Taylor, m. lic.

1753, Dec. 15. John Tomlins & Mary Portman of Ombersley, m. lic.

1753, Dec. 28. Richard Simmons & Martha Head of St. Andrew’s in Worcester, m. lic.

Fol. 26 b).

1754, Feb. 2. Stephen Barber & Anne Ward of Lulsley, m. lic.

1754, Feb. 2. Joseph Gabb of Hartlebury & Mary Bunce of the Tything of Whistones, m. lic.

1754, Feb. 4. Thomas Smith & Elizabeth Smith of St. Martin’s in Worcester, m. lic.

1754, Feb. 6. Joseph Weaver & Elizabeth Silk of Kidderminster, m. lic.

1754, Feb. 17. William Longmore & Anne Cox of Leigh, m. lic.

1754, Feb. 25. John Price & Alice Green of Great Witley, m. lic.

1754, Feb. 25. William Thatcher & Mary Merrell of Norton by Kempsey, m. lic.

1754, Mar. 9. Jonathan Purser & Anne Tupsley of Maddresfield, m. lic.

1754, Mar. 11. John Roberts & Elizabeth Collins of St. John’s in Bedwardine, m. lic.

1754, Mar. 13. Henry Steed of Cradley in Herefordshire & Mary Terrel of Chaseley, m. lic.

1754, Mar. 13. Richard Markam, a Lay Clerk, was bur. in the Cloisters Green.

1754, Mar. 23. John Curtis & Anne Merryman of Hanley Castle, m. lic.

1754, Mar. 23. John Smith of Cradley in Herefordshire & Anne Beard of Mathon, m. lic.

1755, Jan. 14. John Dougharty, a Lay Clerk, was bur. in the Cloisters Green.

1756, May 15. Mrs. Dorothy Rogers was bur. behind the Quire.

1756, June 20. John Ward, porter of the gate at the tower, bur. in the College Churchyard.

1756, Aug. 25. John Callow of St. Nicholas was bur. in the College Church yard.

1757, May 12. Dame Mary Williams was bur. behind the Quire.

1757, Nov. 18. Mrs. Elizabeth Coombe, wid., was bur. in the Cloysters.

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