Worcester Cathedral Registers 1740

Mar. 25. Thomas Crump of All Saints & Isabella Wall of St. Peter’s m. B.

Apr. 8. Thomas Harman of Arrow in the Co. of Warwick & Sabrina Hancocks of Kempsey m. lic.

Apr. 8. Hyat Walker of Kidderminster & Elizabeth Read of the same m. lic.

Apr. 12. William Dickens of Overmitten & Elizabeth Kenwrick of the same m. lic.

Apr. 26. Thomas Leclerk of Newport in the Co. of Salop & Margaret Fox of Elmly Lovet m. lic.

May 10. John Reynolds of Great Malvern & Mary Spilsbury of the same m. lic.

May 15. Anne, d. of the Revd. Mr. Tho. Miles & Mary his wife was baptiz’d.

May 19. John Bryan of St. Nicholas & Elizabeth Locker of the same m. lic.

May 24. Edward Seward of Badsey & Mary Morris of Bengeworth m. lic.

June 24. John Solmes of Ombersley & Esther Clifford of the same m. lic.

June 25. Samuel Barnes of All Saints & Nancy Barnes of St. Peter’s in Worcester.

July 1. Edward Meredy of St. Peter’s in Worster & Mary Wall of St. Nicholas m. lic.

July 2. William Townshend of Oxhill & Mary Norgrove of St. Peter’s in Worster m. lic.

Aug. 9. William Bethell of Mathon & Sarah Perkins of Cradley m. lic.

Aug. 21. Roger Davis of St. Nicholas & Mary Jones of St. Andrew’s m. lic.

Aug. 29. Edward Allendar of Feckenham & Mary Applebee of the same m. lic.

Sep. 22. William Richards of Kinfare & Alice Taylor of Wribbenhall m. lic.

Sep. 24. John Lamb of Leigh & Anne Sanders of Ombersley m. lic.

Oct. 27. John Harfield of St. Swithun’s & Anne Lanthorn of the same m. lic.

Oct. 28. William Hart of Pirton & Anne Daniel of Kempsey m. lic.

Nov. 1. John Sheakle of Hanbury & Anne Heming of the same m. lic.

Fol. 17 b).

Nov. 4. Samuel Henning & Susanna Adams of St. Martin’s m. by Cert. B.

Nov. 17. John Rason of St. Alban’s in Worster & Mary Lock of the same m. lic.

Nov. 22. Nathan Brookes of Powick & Jane Staunton of All Saints in Worster m. lic.

Dec. 10. Franciss Poole of Oddinley & Mary Fowler of Hadzor m. lic.

Dec. 19. Peter Hodnell of Holt & Elizabeth Webb of Clifton m. lic.

Dec. 23. Richard Bennett of St. Swithun’s & Anne Jackson of the precincts of the college m. lic.

Dec. 24. Thomas Bury of Kenswick & Anne Pershoust of Great Shelsley m. lic.

Jan. 1. Thomas Oliver of All Sts. in Worcester & Mary Forrest of the same m. lic.

Jan. 17. John Holt of Wolverley & Elizabeth Prettenton of Hartlebury m. lic.

Jan. 21. John Griffiths of St. John’s in Bedwardine & Hannah Coley of Stone m. lic.

Jan. 27. Thomas Hodges of Ledbury & Jane Sawford of Little Malvern m. lic.

Jan. 31. Thomas Fincher of Hadzor & Ruth Tindon of the same m. lic.

Feb. 10. Joseph Morgan of St. Peter’s in Worster & Elianor Straine of Clains [sic] m. lic.

Feb. 14. Gyles Webley of St. Martin’s in Worster & Francess Lightbourn of St. Helen’s m. lic.

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