Worcester Cathedral Registers 1735

Apr. 8. Henry Careless of Broadway & Francess Careless of the same m. lic.

Apr. 16. Richard Houghton of Sambourn in the County of Warwick & Eliz. Perkins of Arrow m. lic.

May 8. Joseph Stone of Birmingham & Anne Haines of Henley-in-Arden m. lic.

May 10. William Summers of Mathon & Elizabeth Stockdale of the same m. lic.

May 21. Joseph Haynes of Newland & Mary Franciss of the same m. lic.

May 31. Joseph Barr of Alcester & Mary Cheston of the same m. lic.

June 2. James Williams of Leigh & Mary Turner of the same m. lic.

June 9. Edward White of Ombersley & Mary Worrel of the same m. lic.

June 19. Daniel Patrick of Hanley-Castle & Jane Whittingham of the same m. lic.

July 3. William Powel of Holt & Elizabeth Boyce of Shrawley m. lic.

July 4. William Churchyard of Kinver & Hannah Elizabetha Leat of Chadesley m. lic.

July 13. John Beadles of the p. of St. Martin’s & Hannah Gibbs of St. Helen’s m. lic.

July 17. Edward Cope, s. of Edwd. Cope Hopton, Esqr., & Mary his wife was bur.

July 22. Matthew Carren of St. Peter’s in Worcester & Elizabeth Jones of All Saints m. lic.

Aug. 4. John Kenward of Suckley & Anne Jones of Powick m. lic.

Aug. 13. Thomas Payne of St. John’s in Bedwardine & Henrietta Savage of Dimmock m. lic.

Aug. 17. Edward Smith of Salwarp & Mary Holloway of Areley Regis m. lic.

Aug. 27. The Rev. Dr. Bramston bur.

Sep. 11. Ferdinando New of Ripple & Mary Richards of Upton upon Severn m. lic.


Sep. 18. Mrs. Dorothy Price, bur.

Sep. 20. Robert Hide of Droitwyche & Christian Bradley of Huddington m. lic.

Sep. 27. John Eaves of Hanbury & Susanna Westen of the same m. lic. (upon an erasure).

Oct. 6. William Edwards of Leigh & Elizabeth Corbyn of the same m. lic.

Oct. 18. Matthias Clark of Great Hampton & Mary Smith of Bengeworth m. lic.

Fol. 15).

Nov. 5. Richard Gummond of Powick & Anne Easton of the same m. lic.

Nov. 6. James Hilsbey of the p. of Cropthorne & Philadelphia Wotten of Elmley m. lic.

Nov. 28. William Bunce of Great Whitley & Jane Fleck of the same m. lic.

Dec. 14. John Lloyd of St. Swithun’s & Elizabeth Cox of St. Helen’s m. lic.

Jan. 2. Thomas Sparry of Queenhill & Sarah Bumpass of Breedon m. lic.

Jan. 17. Mrs. Mary Smith bur. in the Cloysters.

Feb. 27. William Harris of Pinvin & Mary Badger of the same m. lic.

Mar. 9. Thomas Insoll of Claines & Mary Higley of Holt m. lic.

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