Worcester Cathedral Registers 1734

Apr. 9. Edward Floyd of Bridgnorth & Susanna Tunks of Wribbenhall m. lic.

Apr. 19. Mrs. Letitia Clift bur. in the Cloysters.

Apr. 27. John Franklyn of Kidderminster & Anne Milles of the same m. lic.

May 2. Edward Lewis of St. Swithun’s & Joyce Dougharty of the College m. lic.

May 19. John Glover of St. Hellen & Mary Patrick of the College m. Banns.

June 8. Robert Prat of Holy Cross in Pershore & Anne Bullingham of the same m. lic.

June 12. Edward Wall of Chadsley-Corbet & Margery Blakeway of the same m. lic.

June 15. William Soley of All Sts. In Evesham & Anne Day of Bishampton m. lic.

June 15. John Yates of Hollow [sic] & Judah Tolley of Hartlebury m. lic.

June 25. Edward Bickerton of St. Alban’s & Elizabeth Southall of St. Martin’s m. lic.

June 27. William Dickens of Bromsgrove & Anne Brookholding of St. Martin’s m. lic.

July 3. William Price of Hanley Castle & Sarah Hooper of Kempsey m. lic.

July 11. Richard Pool of St. Peter’s in Worster & Eliz. Skinner of the same m. lic.

July 20. Gyles Turbervill of Towcester & Penelope Savage of Hanbury m. lic.

July 27. Thomas Rudge of St. Peter’s in Worster & Hannah Manning of the same m. lic.

July 28. Richard Rogers of St. Swithun’s & Mary Day of Bromyard m. lic.

Aug. 12. Thomas Hill of Upton-upon-Severn & Jane Guilliam of Ledbury m. lic.

Aug. 15. John Baylis of Chaseley & Jane Smith of the same m. lic.

Aug. 15. Labias Lane of Eldersfield & Anne Hathway of the same m. lic.

Sep. 9. Franciss Webley & Elizabeth Grimmit of Queenhill m. Banns.

Sep. 12. John James of Hadsor & Elizabeth Turner of the same m. lic.

Sep. 15. John Staunton of Hanbury & Elizabeth Sandless of the same m. lic.

Sep. 21. Samuel Clissot of Earls Cromb & Eliz. Turner of Upton upon Severn m. lic.

Oct. 2. Samuel Taylor of Bromsgrove & Anne Harbour of the same m. lic.

Oct. 5. James Noakes of Hanbury & Rebecca Pardoe of Smite m. lic.

Nov. 2. William Acton of Elmbridge & Elizabeth Manning of Hartlebury m. lic.

Nov. 4. Obadiah Roaine of Norton by Breedon & Mary Ropier of the same m. lic.

Dec. 2. Joseph Baggot of the p. of St. Swithun’s & Eliz. Wilkins of the same m. lic.

Dec. 6. Anne, d. of Thomas & Elizabeth Twitty was baptized.

Dec. 9. William Pennel of St. Swithun’s & Elizabeth Lankston of St. Martin m. lic.

Dec. 27. William Dancox of Cropthorn & Anne Price of Little Cumberton m. lic.

Fol. 14 b).

Jan. 6. Henry Hays of St. Swithun’s & Elizabeth Brandiss of the precincts of the College m. lic.

Dec. 18. Samuel Herbert of Leigh & Mary Bowen of St. Clement’s m. lic.

Feb. 1. Thomas Spilman of Bushley & Elizabeth Wheeler of the same m. lic.

Feb. 13. Edward Cope, s. of Edwd. Cope Hopton, Esqre., & Mary his wife baptized

Feb. 13. William Harling of Whitbourn & Francess Doegood of Alfrick m. lic.

Feb. 15. William Bolton of Feckenham & Abigail Pretty of the same m. lic.

Feb. 20. William, s. of the Revd. Mr. Thomas Miles & Mary his wife was baptised. (Thomas Miles, Clerk, B.A., was presented to the Chapter living of Stoke Prior, 18th Aug., 1720, on the resignation of William Betterley, and was elected Head Master of the Cathedral School, 23rd June, 1733, after Betterley’s death.)

Feb. 22. Richard Markes of Little Whitley & Sarah Southall of the same m. lic.

Mar. 10. Mr. George Wingfield of St. Nicholas & Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas of the College m. lic.

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