Willow Street (Diglis) Worcester 1905

Left Side From Mill Street

  1. Albert Cottages – Smith Robt. Hy., grocer
  2. Albert Cottages – Stokes George Henry, labourer
  3. Albert Cottages – Grazier Harry, fried fish shop
  4. Albert Cottages – Jones Charles, hairdresser

Dovey Frank, warehouseman

Cedar Cottage – Edkins Saml., job gardener

Cedar House – James Rchd., fruiterer’s assist.

  1. Land’s End Terr. – Davis Arthur, potter
  2. Land’s End Terr. – Knott John Thomas, labourer
  3. Land’s End Terr. – Sylvester Mrs. Emily, shopkeeper
  4. Land’s End Terr. – Teague Henry, china gilder
  5. Land’s End Terr. – Wilson John, glover
  6. Victoria Cots. – Evans Frdk., china potter
  7. Victoria Cots. – Knott Frederick, j’man tinman
  8. Victoria Cots. – Sale John, labourer
  9. Victoria Cots. – Void
  10. Victoria Cots. – Marston Mrs. A.

1A. Victoria Cots. – Taylor Frederick, well sinker

Here Is Portland Street

Left Side From Portland Street

Smith Joseph, moulder

Matthews Henry, tinworker

Ceramic Art Colour Works – Hancock and Son, colour manufacturers

Francis Cots. – Corbett Frank Ernest, j’man grocer

Francis Cots. – Villiers Thomas, labourer

Francis Cots. – Bishop Albert, labourer

Francis Cots. – Jones Mrs.

Francis Cots. – Witts James, j’man bricklayer

Willow Ter. – Ward George, soldier

Willow Ter. – Harris Mrs. Susannah

Here Is Mill Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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