Westcroft Street Droitwich 1905

Right Side From Ombersley Street

Primrose Cots. – Harris John, j’man sail mkr.

Primrose Cots. – Webb Mrs. Helen, lodgings

Myrtle Cot. – Harrison G., j’man blacksmith

Preece Albert, cab proprietor

Bourne Mrs. Caroline

Barlow Thomas, journeyman blacksmith

Price Henry, journeyman carpenter

Harris Thomas, labourer

Gillam Henry, hay trusser

Leek Solomon, waterman

Colley Henry, labourer

Fryer Robert, cab driver

Loughton Albert, carpenter

Harris George, bargeman

Guise William, journeyman painter

Bourne Thomas, salt worker

Here Is A Lane Leading to Winnett’s Lane And The Railway Station

Left Side From Ombersley Street

Deakin George, journeyman carpenter

Fairfax William, journeyman saddler

Loughton Andrew, journeyman carpenter

Daisy Cottage – Farr Edward, j’man carpntr.

Monkton Samuel, salt worker

Chillingsworth Moses, shop assistant

Porter Miss, dressmaker

Westcroft Cot. – Norwood Jos., signalman

Ricketts Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper

Nunney A. G., baker

Laburnum Villas – Bullock Chas., grocer’s assistant

  1. Laburnum Villas – Harris Alfred, bargeman

Harris John, barge owner

Here Is A Lane Leading To Railway Station

Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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