Vines (The) Droitwich 1905

Right Side From Bromsgrove Road

Monkton S, labourer

Harrison Henry, salt worker

Harrison George, labourer

Hunt Mrs. Letitia, charwoman

Bourne Mrs.

Mann Alfred, labourer

Bourne John, labourer

Pittaway William, labourer

Cotterell Edward, salt worker

Haughty Thomas, labourer

Smith John, labourer

Bourne George, labourer

Bourne William, journeyman blacksmith

Griffin James, labourer

Harris James, journeyman bricklayer

Harrison Thomas, labourer

Crowther Albert, salt worker

Harrison Mrs., charwoman

Bourne Henry, salt worker

Bourne Thomas, waterman

Inett George, Gardeners’ Arms

Green John, salt worker

Turberfield Mrs., shopkeeper

House void

Wood John, journeyman bricklayer

Ashmore Joseph, bargeman

Wood James, salt worker

Green George, labourer

Sankey Frank, labourer

Twigg James, journeyman bricklayer

Williams Alfred, labourer

Green James, labourer

Bourne Mrs. Elizabeth, charwoman

Here Is The Railway Bridge; Also Grantham

Left Side From Bromsgrove Road

Thomas Daniel, steam saw mills

Droitwich Salt Union, Limited

Brickley Richard, labourer

Sparkes James, salt worker

Twigg Mrs. Betsy, charwoman

Dalley Mrs.

Bourne Thomas, labourer

Twigg John T., labourer

Hancock William, salt worker

Evans William, labourer

Bourne George, journeyman blacksmith

Gandy Joseph, labourer

Colley William, salt worker

Harrison Thomas, salt worker

House void

Hinton Thomas, labourer

Price Thomas, waterman

Chillingsworth Mary Ann

Nicklin George, salt worker

House void

Tarpy James, labourer

Price Alfred, labourer

Sankey John, labourer

Harrison Thomas, salt worker

Stokes Edward, Old Rising Sun

Aldwritt Thomas, labourer

Harris James, lodgings

Bourne Henry, engine driver

Bateman Wm., jun., boot and shoe maker

Bateman William, salt worker

Sankey Walter, salt worker

Two Houses void

Barnett Mrs.

Priddey Mrs. Jane, salt worker

Hunt Alfred, painter

Harrison Walter, labourer

Wood Mrs.

Dodderhill Mission Chapel

Here Is The Railway Bridge; Also Grantham

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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