Tenbury Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Tenbury, a market town, 22 miles from Worcester, 9 from Leominster, and 134 from London. It is situated on the bank of the river Team [sic] which divides it from Salop. According to the last census in 1811, it contained 185 houses and 905 inhabitants, exclusive of the Hamlet called the Foreign, containing 44 houses and 233 inhabitants. On the north side of the town is a neat stone Bridge consisting of six arches over the river Team, which divides the counties of Worcester and Salop. The river here is very subject to flood, as on the south side of the town a small brook called Kyre empties itself into the Team, and is often blocked up by it. The great flood, November 17th, 1770, threw down the south and middle aisles of the church, by which means the windows, organ, &c. were broken, and the monuments much injured. Here are annual horse races, respectably attended. The market is on Tuesday, and its fairs are 25th of April, 18th of July, and 26th of September.



Andrews George, Vict. Bell Inn, Market street


Bangham Edward, Maltster, Team street

Benbow Thomas, Draper and Grocer, Cross

Blakeway Thomas, Mercer and Draper, Team street

Brunt Elizabeth, Toy Shop, Team street

Burbridge John, Shopkeeper, Team street


Carter Joseph, Tailor, Team street

Cheese John, Surgeon, Cross

Clarke Thomas, Surgeon, Team street

Clarke William, Butcher, Team street

Colley George, Draper, Team street

Collins John, Shoe Maker, Team street

Collins Jane, Stay Maker, Team street

Crane Samuel, Plumber and Glazier, Team street


Davis Thomas, Surgeon, Market street

Deakins, Richard, Vict. Crown Inn, Team street

Dearne Joseph, Nail Ironmonger Cross street

Dovey James, Wheelwright, Cross street

Drew Thomas, Vict. Royal Oak, Market street


Evans Thomas, Grocer and Spirit Merchant, Cross

Evans Thomas, Brick Maker, Cross street

Everall Joseph, Flax Dresser, Team street


Fletcher William, Shoe Maker, Cross street

Foster John, Shopkeeper, Cross street

Foster Thomas, Team street


Gent James, Shoe Maker, Cross street

Giles Benjamin, Chandler, Ironmonger, Hop Merchant, and Maltster, Market street

Godson William, Solicitor, Team street

Godson Septimus Holmes, Solicitor, Team street

Green T. L. Mercer and Draper, Team street

Green William, Clock and Watch Maker, Market street

Greenly William, Shoe Maker, Market street

Griffiths John, Vict. Crow Inn, Team street


Handley Samuel, Shoe Maker, Team street

Hill William, Shopkeeper, Cross street

Holland Rev. Thomas, Cross

Holloway Williams, Shoe Maker, Team street

Home Thomas, Land Surveyor and Schoolmaster, Team street

Home Benjamin, Printer and Stationer, Team street

Hooper Mrs. Ladies Seminary, Cross

Howell George, Saddler, Market street


Jeffries William, Sen. Butcher, Team street

Jeffries Richard, Butcher and Farmer, Team street

Johnson Alexander, Gent. Church street

Jones William, Tailor, Team street

Jones Samuel, Team street

Jukes George, Vict. Ship, Team street


Knowles Mrs. Gentlewoman, Cross street


Lane John, Draper, Market street


Mansell Thomas, Vict. Talbot, Team street

Mason Ann, Milliner, Cross

Maund Edward, Confectioner, Team street

Maund Mary, Widow, Team street

Merrick James, Saddler and Brazier, Team street

Middleton Sophia, Straw Bonnet Maker, Team st.

Mills Edward, Stone Mason, Cross street

Morgan James, Hatter, Team street

Morgan John, Baker, Market street

Morris Misses, Gentlewomen, Cross street


Oliver John, Draper, Team street

Oseland Samuel, Shopkeeper, Church street


Page John, Saddler and Brazier, Team street

Page Richard, Druggist, Team street

Penny Eleanor, Gentlewoman, Team street

Perks Thomas, Shopkeeper, Team street

Post Office, Team street, William Home, Post Master

Poston William, Breeches Maker, Market street

Pound James, Butcher, Market street

Pound James, Saddler, Team street

Pound Phillip, Vict. King’s Head, Cross street

Probin John, Cooper, Team street


Robinson and Cowburn, Solicitors, Team street

Rocke Rev. Thomas, Rector, Cross

Russell John, Draper, Market street


Sanders Richard, Clothes Shop, Team street

Smith James, Plumber and Glazier, Team street

Smith Samuel, Joiner, Team street


Webb George, Gun Locksmith, Cross street

Wilden Samuel, Tailor, Team street

Wheeler Edward, Sen. Esq. Kyrewood

Wheeler Edward, jun. Solicitor, Cross

Wheeler James, Carpenter and Turner, Cross st.

Whittall George, Tailor and Draper, Market st.

Williams Charles, Shoe Maker, Team street

Wollams John, Tailor, Cross street

Wood Rev. Vincent. Market street


Yates William, Team street

Yapp James, Shopkeeper, Cross street

Yarranton Thomas, Tanner, Barrington house

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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