Stourport Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Stourport, a market Town, situated upon the east bank of the Severn. A few years since this town was almost a barren sandy heath, till the junction of the Staffordshire Canal with the Severn was formed at this place, which from an insignificant village, is now become a neat and handsome town. New buildings are continually springing up, and its wharfs, extensive bosons, and busy traffic, present a lively picture of a little seaport.

By means of the Canal from this place there is an easy communication with most parts of the north, Manchester, Liverpool, &c. The manufacturers of Birmingham and the adjacent towns derive great advantage from having their heaviest products conveyed by water to the principal seaports in the kingdom, without any material addition to their original price. The first bason was opened in 1771, after an expence of £105,000.

A considerable trade is carried inhere in coals, corn, hops, and fruit. The houses in general are well built and the population upwards of 2,000. Market on Wednesday for all kinds of provisions. Fairs, March 27, September 14, and December 18.



Allen William, Tailor, High street

Ames J. G. and Co. Canal Carriers

Ames and Jones, Wharfingers, Trow Owners and Severn Carriers


Baldwin, Son and Co. Iron Foundry

Ball Thomas, Vict. Bridge Inn, Bridge street

Bannister William, Chemist and Druggist, York street

Barnett Samuel, Maltster, New street

Barnett, Meaby, Burnett, and Co. Trow Owners, Wharfingers and General Carriers

Barnett Thomas, Iron Merchant, Mart lane

Barnett John, Barge Owner, High street

Bateman S. J. Tea Dealer, High street

Bates Joseph, Waterman, High street

Baynham John, Shoemaker, Bridge street

Beaman Thomas, Grocer, High street

Belsham G. Severn Owner, Bridge street

Belsham and Reynolds, Trow Owners and Severn Carriers

Best Thomas, Shopkeeper, High street

Bickley, Danks, and Co. Canal Carriers

Bird John, Boat and Barge Builder, Bridge st.

Bird John, Plumber and Glazier, High street

Bird William, Vict. Bell Inn, Church street

Bishop William, Tailor & Habit Maker, High st.

Blundell T. Corn Dealer and Miller

Bore John, Plumber and Glazier, High street

Broad Henry, Maltster and Baker

Busby Thomas, Ironmonger and Builder, Bridge street


Cattell William, Corn Dealer

Carey Misses, Bridge street

Carter Robert, Shoe Maker, High street

Coley Joseph, Brazier, High street

Cooper William, Wool and Spinning Manufactory

Corker Charles, Boat Builder, York street

Cresswell James, Commercial School, York street

Crump John, Cooper, High street


Danks S. and Co. Canal Carriers

Davis Rev. David

Davis Thomas, Skinner

Dewsbury Benj. Salt Warehouse & Severn Owner


Edwards S. Straw Bonnet Maker, High street

Edwards J. Shoe Maker, York street


Fenton Joseph, Hair Dresser, High street

Firmstone Joseph, Coal Merchant, Lichfield st.


Gill Thomas, Corn Dealer, New street

Goodman Thomas, Cooper, Church street

Green John, Wood Turner, Bridge street

Greensill Edward, Coal Merchant, High street


Harris Richard, Tailor and Draper, High street

Harrison T. Baker, York street

Heath Matthew, Canal Carrier, Wharfinger and Coal Merchant

Heath, Tyler, and Danks, General Carriers

Hepworth T. and J. Burge Builders

Hill W. and R. Drapers and Tea Dealers, High st.

Hill Ann, Gentlewoman, High street

Hinton C. Milliner and Dress Maker, Lichfield street

Holt William, Cabinet Maker

Howell Richard, Vict. Red Lion

Hudson John, Currier, New street


Jeff John, Grocer and Tea Dealer, High street

Jeffreys Joseph, Boat Builder, New street

Jukes and Watson, Surgeons, High street


Kerby William, Druggist and Grocer, York street

Kerby Mrs. Widow, Mart lane

Knight James, Tailor and Draper, Bridge street


Lane John, Vict. Lord Nelson, York street

Lashford John, Shoe Maker, High street

Lewty Edmund, Post Master, High street

Little Henry, Baker, Bridge street

Lowe Joseph, Perfumer and Hair Dresser, Bridge street

Lowe Mrs. Straw Bonnet Maker, Bridge street


Miles William, Waterman, Mart Lane

Moore Joseph, Saddler

Morris George, Shoe Maker, High street

Morris John, Vict. Black Star, Church street

Muskin Charles, Butcher, High street

Mytton William, Mercer and Draper, Bridge st.


Nichols Richard, Vict. Union, Lichfield street

Nicholson George, Printer and Bookseller, Bridge street

Nicklin Daniel, Blacksmith, High street

Northall W. K. Academy, New street


Owen and Co. Grocers and Ironmongers, Bridge street

Owen John, Gent. New street


Palmer Samuel, Gent. Church street

Palmer John, Vict. White Lion, Church street

Parkins George, Woolstapler, Mart lane

Perks John Wood, Farmer, Tichney

Philpot Thomas, Traveller, New street

Pidduck Joseph, Draper and Mercer, Bridge st.

Pitt Joseph, Timberley, Gent.

Pyndar Rev. Reginald, Areley house


Raine Thomas, Plaisterer, Bridge st

Rice John, Coal Dealer, Foundry street

Rowley Levi, Coal Merchant, Bridge street

Rowley J. & J. Timber Merchants, Bridge street

Rowley William, Grocer, New street

Russell and Webb, Coal Merchants, Mart lane


Saddler Thomas, Vict. Hop-pole, York street

Shaw Thomas, Vict. Swan Inn, High street

Shaw Joseph, Hatter, York street

Smith Edward, Timber Merchant, High street

Smith Jesse, Vict. Duke of Wellington, York st.

Stephens William, Barge Owner, Church street

Swan James, Vinegar Merchant, Lichfield street

Swan William, Maltster


Thomas John, Druggist and Grocer, High street

Tonkas William, Shoe Maker, Church street

Twemlow Christopher, Plumber and Glazier, High street

Tyler Edmund, Wharfinger, New street

Tyler Thomas, Jun. Grocer, Lichfield street


Wagstaff Samuel, Gent. York street

Wakeman, Farley, and Co. Bank, York street

Walker Henry, Church street

Ward John, Stone Mason, and Builder

Wilde William, Severn Carrier, and Coal Merchant

Wilmot Arabella, Dress Maker, High street

Worthington Mrs. Coffee Rooms, New street

Worthington Jonathan, Gent.

Wright John and George, Timber and Coat Merchants, Bridge street

Wynne Thomas, Grocer and Seedsman, Bridge st.


Yates Benjamin, Barge Owner, Church street

Yates John, Sen. Gent. Lichfield street

Yates John, Jun. Barge Owner, Lichfield street

Yates Thomas, Barge Owner, Lichfield street

Yates Mrs. Shopkeeper, York street

Yapp Richard, Shoe Maker, High street

York and Worthington, Canal Carriers


From Different Inns.


Worcester – every evening at half-past six

Wolverhampton – every Morning at half-past six


Worcester – every Morning at half-past nine, every evening at half-past six

Wolverhampton – every Morning at half-past six


Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, &c. – J. G. Ames and Co. – Bickley, Danks, and Co. – Heath, Tyler, and Danks. – York and Worthington.

Shardlow, Gainsbro’, Hull, &c. – Heath, Tyler, and Danks.

Birmingham, Tipton, &c. – Danks & Co.

Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol, &c. and General Carriers on Severn – Belsham and Reynolds. – Barnett, Meaby, Barnett, and Co. – Ames and Jones. – York and Co. – J. Jones, Jun.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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