Stone Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Stone, 2 miles from Kidderminster containing 59 houses, and 403 inhabitants.

Amphlett John, maltster

Baynton Thomas, farmer

Chillinqworth S. farmer

Cooper Thomas, farmer

Crump John, farmer

Evans W. wheelwright

Giles Edward, maltster

Griffin Richard, maltster

Harrison James, farmer

Horn Isaac, tailor

Jordan John, farmer

Lane William, gent.

Lea William, esq.

Maddox Richard, farmer

Martin John, farmer

Morgan Rev. Thomas

Pardoe Thomas, vict.

Payn William, gent.

Redfern Samuel, farmer

Seagar William, gent.

Seager Thomas, farmer

Ward Nicholas, vict.

Williams Moses, butcher

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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