St. John’s in Bedwardine Worcester 1791

St. John’s in Bedwardine is a township adjoining the city of Worcester, where a fair is kept annually on the Friday before Palm-Sunday, on which day (only) the mayor and aldermen of Worcester, attended by their proper officers, walk in procession through the same. The origin of this custom proceeded from certain privileges granted by the prior of Worcester to the bailiffs and corporation, in the reign of Edward IV. In this parish was born the celebrated Sir Reynold Bray, who, for his great service in defeating the ambition of Richard III and uniting the houses of York and Lancaster, was raised by King Henry VIII to the dignity of lord treasurer of England. This parish comprehends Lawern and Upper and Lower Wick. At Wick anciently stood a church, entirely destroyed by order of William de Lynn bishop of Worcester, in 1371. On the river Teme, which passes this parish, adjoining Powick’s Ham, is an iron forge, the property of Nehemiah Lloyd, Esq.

Source: Universal British Directory 1791

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