St. John’s In Bedwardine Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

Alphabetical List of Clergy, Gentry, Etc.

Allcroft J. M., Esq., Lower Wick

Allies Miss Frances F., Bromwich Cottage

Allies Mr. William, Bransford Road

Bagnall Mr. John S., 23, Boughton St

Bailey Mr. John, Southwick Lodge

Baker Mrs. Caroline, 22, Boughton St

Baldwin Mr. Thomas, Boughton St

Barker Mr. Thomas, 8, Boughton St

Beck Mr. William S., Little Boughton St

Boughton Mr. John, Lower Wick

Bowen Mr. James, Bransford Road

Brabant Mr. Thomas, Upper Wick

Bromage Miss Sarah, Boughton Fields

Caswell Miss Mary Ann, St. John’s Terrace, Bromyard Road

Chamberlain Mrs. Jane, Spring Terrace

Clinnick Miss Ann, Comer House

Domville Mrs. Barry, Lower Wick

Earl Mr. Thomas, Lieutenant in Militia, Boughton St

Edwards Mrs. Eliza, Spring Terrace, Bransford Road

Farmer, Mrs. Ann, St. John’s Terrace, Bromyard Road

Fincher Mrs., Rushwick House

Foster Mr. Thomas, Duke’s Cottage, Boughton Fields

Freeman Mr. Thomas, Prospect Place, Henwick

George Mrs., 14, Boughton St

Green Mr. Robert, Boughton St

Haigh Mr. William, Bransford Villa

Harrington Mrs. Elizabeth, St. John’s Terrace, Bromyard Road

Homer Mr. Thomas K., Henwick

Hopkins Mrs. Eliza, St. John’s Terrace, Bromyard Road

Horn Mr. Jabez

Isaac John, Esq., banker, Boughton House

James Rev. J. C., Curate, Vicarage House

James Mr. Francis, South Cottage, Boughton St

Lamprey Mrs. Elizabeth, Boughton St

Land Mr. William, Boughton St

Lees Mr. Edwin, F.L.S., Cedar Terrace, Henwick

Mason Mrs. Eliza, 18, Boughton St

Meredith Lieutenant-Colonel John, St. John’s House

Meredith Mrs. Harriet, St. John’s Terrace, Bromyard Road

Minchall Mrs. Dorothy, St. John’s Terrace, Bromyard Road

Morton William, Esq., Lower Wick Lodge

Munn Mr. Frederick, Temple Lawn

Padmore Richard, Esq., Henwick Hall

Phillpots Mr. Richard, Boughton St

Phillips Rev. Alfred, D.D., Classical Academy, Henwick

Porter Mrs. Susan, Bransford Road

Price Mrs. Charlotte, Folley House, Henwick Hill

Price Mrs. Elizabeth, Spring Terrace, Bransford Road

Reed John, Esq.

Reynolds Mr. James, Henwick

Smith Mrs., 17 Boughton St

Smith Mr. Samual, Boughton Fields

Southall Mrs. John, Bransford Road

Spencer Mr. Charles, Bransford Road

Stanton The Misses, Bransford Road

Taylor Mr. George, Boughton St

Tearne Samuel M., Esq., Mount Pleasant, Henwick

Thomas Mrs. Ann, Spring Terrace, Bransford Road

Walker Mrs. Frances, Lower Wick

Walker Mrs.

Walsh Mr. Benjamin, Lower Wick

West The Misses, South Cottage, Lower Wick

Weston Mr. Thomas, Lower Wick

Wheeler Rev. Thomas L., Bromwich

Whitmore Miss Sophia, Boughton Fields

Willis John Walpole, Esq., Deputy Lieutenant, and County Magistrate, Wick House, Wick Episcopi

Willis Mrs., Bransford Road

Williams Mrs., Pitmaston

Winwood Mrs. Ann, Lower Wick

Woodward Mr. F. D., Bransford Road

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Ainsworth Eliza, milliner and dress maker

Appleton John R., commercial traveller, Woodbine Cottage, Bransford Road

Badgery Samuel, farmer, Upper Wick; house, Shambles

Badgery Thomas, fellmonger, Malvern Road

Bea William A., hair dresser

Beach William, boot and shoe maker

Beard Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Post Office, Bransford Road

Beck William, victualler, Angel

Bird Sarah, day school

Birt Richard, victualler, White Ha?, Bransford Road

Bishop William Henry, surgeon, Bromwich Road

Box William, boot and shoe maker

Boyce William C., commercial traveller, Boughton St

Brook Charles, baker and shopkeeper, Little Boughton St

Brown Thomas, gardener

Brunston William, surveyor, Henwick

Cant George F., boot and shoe manufacturer, Rupert Cottage, and Worcester and Kidderminster

Cleeton Maria, butcher

Coley Josiah P., ironmonger, tinman, and brazier

Colston Thomas, hop merchant, &c., Field Cottage, Bransford Road, and Worcester

Cook Edward, clerk, Boughton St

Coucher James, wool merchant; house, Bromyard Road

Crisp William, corn factor

Dance Elizabeth, day school, Bransford Road

Daniel John, china and earthenware dealer

Davies Alfred, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Boughton Fields, and Worcester

Davis William, draper, Lower Wick, and Worcester

Davis James, hair dresser

Doughty George, beer retailer and coal dealer, Bransford Road

Drew James, bricklayer and plasterer, Bransford Road

Earl Mary, shopkeeper

Essex John, farmer, Upper Wick

Evans Henry, maltster, Bromwich Road

Evans Ann, milliner and dress maker, 7, Boughton St

Farmer Henry, victualler, Herefordshire House, Bransford Road

Farmer William, hop merchant, Boughton St

Fildes Susan, cabinet maker and upholsterer; and Worcester

Fildes John, painter, plumber, and glazier

Finch Edward, carpenter, joiner, and Parish Clerk

Finch Joseph, shopkeeper

Francis James, farmer, Earl’s Court

Gardener John, farmer, Cedar Terrace, Henwick

Gibbs Sarah, baker and corn dealer

Gregg Edward, carpenter and joiner, Little Boughton St

Griffiths Charles, tailor and draper

Girffiths John, carpenter and joiner

Grove George, leather dresser, Swan Pool Skin Yard, Bromwich Road; house, Lansdowne Crescent, Worcester

Hadley William, miller, Lower Wick

Haines Joseph, market gardener, Boughton Fields

Hale William, cooper, Bransford Road

Hall George, ironmonger, &c.; and Worcester

Hancocks Martha, victualler, Bell

Harrington Thomas, builder, &c., Bedwardine Villa, Upper Wick; and Worcester, Malvern and Kempsey

Harris Richard R., Chief Constable of Worcestershire, The Grange

Haynes Richard, nurseryman and seedsman, and cooper, Henwick

Haywood Joseph S., nurseryman, &c., Lower Wick, and Worcester

Hill Francis, victualler, Star, Bransford Road

Hollington Francis, Woollen and linen draper, haberdasher and hosier

Hooper David, butcher

Horton Rev. Edward, boarding school, Lower Wick

Howell Jane and Mary, milliners and dress makers

Hughes Charles, King’s Head

Hughes Samuel, builder, Henwick

Hull James H., grocer and provision dealer

Hundley Joseph, chemist and tobacconist

Jones Henry B., maltster, Bransford Road

Jones Ann, milliner and dress maker

Knight John W., solicitor, Henwick, and Worcester

Lane Edward, coal and timber merchant

Lane Thomas, baker and confectioner

Lawrence Cyrus, builder

Lawrence Jonathan, shopkeeper, St. John’s Green

Lawrence Sophia, straw bonnet maker

Lawrence Hannah, market gardener, Bromwich

Lewis Mary, bath proprietor, Upper Henwick Road

Lightwood Thomas, cattle dealer, St. John’s Terrace, Bromyard Road

Linto Thomas, carpenter, Bromwich Road

Manning Frederick, jeweller, Clarendon Villa, Bransford Road, and Worcester

Matthews Edward, engraver, Bransford Road, and Worcester

Maybury Miss Elizabeth, boarding school

Millner Charles, farmer, Rushwick Farm

Morton John Jacob, maltster

Morton John, farmer, Lower Wick

Mountford Edwin, coach builder

Munn Mary, beer retailer, Royal Oak, St. John’s Green

Mutlow James Thomas, farmer, Oldbury

Newport Thomas, chemist and druggist

Norman John, stone mason, Boughton St, and Worcester

Parsons John, carpenter and joiner, St. John’s Green

Payne Edward, clerk, Boughton St

Penny Henry, beer retailer, Brewer’s Arms, Boughton Fields

Perkins John, blacksmith

Phillips John W., hop merchant

Pierpoint Matthew, surgeon, Crow’s Nest House, and Worcester

Portman Henry, boot and shoe maker, St. John’s Green

Powell Eliza, milliner and dress maker

Price Thomas, painter, plasterer, and glazier, Vine Cottage, Henwick Hill

Price Ann, and Bright Sarah, haberdashers and hosiers

Pullen John, grocer, tea and provision dealer

Richards Mary, shopkeeper

Rimell John, farmer, The Grove

Roe Benjamin, furniture broker

Rogers John, tanner, Upper Henwick Road; house, Kidderminster

Roberts John, builder, Bransford Road

Roberts Wilson A., stationer and newsagent; agent to the Leeds and Yorkshire Fire and Life Office

Rowley William, boot and shoe maker, Bransford Road

Rudge John, market gardener

Saunders John, commercial traveller, Spring Terrace

Sills Stephen, clerk, Bransford Road

Skinner George, solicitor

Skinner Charles R., tanner and currier

Skinner Caswell, victualler, Wheat Sheaf, Henwick

Smith John P., farmer and hop grower, Lower Wick

Smith Richard, nurseryman and seedsman, Bransford Road, and Worcester

Smith William, cooper

Spalding John, baker and confectioner

Spray Edward, blacksmith, Malvern Road

Stallard John, solicitor, Henwick, and Worcester

Stalworth Thos., general carrier and merchant, Bransford Road, and Worcester

Stephens Edwin, baker and shopkeeper, Boughton Fields

Stephenson James, hair dresser, St. John’s Green

Stiles Henry, victualler, Sand Pit House, Crow’s Nest

Swinburn Edward, surveyor, Little Boughton St

Taylor Nathaniel, auctioneer, &c., Rose Cottage, Boughton Fields, and Worcester and Kidderminster

Taylor James, flour and corn dealer

Taylor Edward, boot and shoe maker

Thomas and Farmer, saddlers and harness makers

Thomas William H., Clerk at Old Bank, Boughton St

Thorn Alfred, glover, Spring Terrace

Tilsley Robert, Police Constable, Crow’s Nest

Toft Charles, artist, Shrubbery Cottage, Boughton Fields

Turley John, draper, &c., Ivy House, Henwick, and Worcester

Turley Edward A., physician and surgeon, Ivy House, and Worcester

Turner William, tailor, St. John’s Green

Turner Ann, stay maker, St. John’s Green

Turvey William, shopkeeper, and Sub-Postmaster, Henwick

Veale Thomas, general accountant

Waite Jacob, clerk at Railway, 16, Boughton St

Wale Orlando, surgeon, Blakefield Cottage

Walford Charles, road contractor, Henwick

Walford Henry, road surveyor, Henwick

Wall Caroline, day school, 15, Boughton St

Walters John, market gardener, Pine Cottage, Boughton Fields

Ward John, wheelwright, Bransford Road

Waters Thos., solicitor, Belmont House, and Worcester

Watkins Joseph, victualler, Swan

Weston Mary, farmer, Henwick Farm

White William, boot and shoe maker

Williams Francis, grocer, &c., and Worcester

Wilson Henry, cattle dealer, Bransford Road

Post Office, Bransford Road – Elizabeth Beard, Sub-Postmistress. Arrival, 6 30 a.m.; despatch, 6 45 p.m.

Post Office, Lower Wick – John Vobe, Sub-Postmaster. Arrival, 5 30 p.m.; despatch, 7 p.m.

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

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