Shipston-upon-Stour Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Shipston-upon-Stour, a Market Town in a detached part of the county, surrounded by Warwickshire, 5 miles from Moreton, and 83 from London, containing 270 houses and 1293 inhabitants. Its name derives from its situation on the river Stour, and its being noted formerly as one of the greatest sheep markets in the kingdom. The town has no trade of any consequence, but has a tolerable good market on Fridays, and two fairs animally, viz. an the 22nd of June and the Tuesday after the 10th of October. It is a Vicarage with Tidmington annexed, and the Patrons are the Dean and Chapter of Worcester and Jesus College, Oxford, by turns.



Adams George, Mason

Adams Thomas, Mason

Allen William, Clerk

Alliband Thomas, Victualler

Ashfield William, sen. Victualler

Ashfield William, jun. Victualler


Badger Richard, Chandler

Barrister Edward, Solicitor

Batsford John, Butcher

Bellamy J. B. Solicitor

Bolton Thomas, Shoemaker

Bonner Benjamin, Shopkeeper

Brain Richard, Farmer

Brain Richard, jun. Victualler

Brown Rev. Robert


Caldicot William, Higler

Callaway Thomas, Breeches Maker

Callaway Edward, Victualler

Carpenter Elizabeth, Victualler

Chadband Henry, Hatter

Chamberlain Joseph, Shoemaker

Cherry Edward, Land Surveyor

Churchley John, Basket Maker

Clark Mrs. Gentlewoman

Cockbill William, Farmer

Colbourne Catherine, Stationer

Colbourne Robert, Brazier

Coleman John, Baker

Cook Martha, Shopkeeper

Cook John, Carpenter

Cook William, Blacksmith

Cooper William, Blacksmith

Cooper William, Victualler

Coulling Edward, Farmer


Day Joseph, Gardener

Devonshire Elizabeth. Gentlewoman

Dove John, Surgeon

Dowdeswell Samuel, Saddler


Eden Joseph, Farmer

Ellaway William, Victualler

Ellis John, Mason


Findon Francis, Solicitor

Flower Honourable Catherine

Fowler J. P. Draper

Fox Richard, Currier

Freeman Jane, Draper

Freeman John, Hatter

Freeman William, Shoemaker


Gardner Robert, Carpenter

Gardner William, Carpenter

Gibbs William, Shoemaker

Gillett J. Gentleman

Gillett Mrs. Ladies Seminary

Gillett Samuel, Hosier

Grimes Thomas, Mason

Groves Francis, Woolstapler

Groves Ann, Farmer

Groves Samuel, Farmer


Hale William, Victualler

Halford Robert, Butcher

Hall Richard, Shoemaker

Hall Jonathan, Draper

Hands William, Blacksmith

Hawker Francis, Butcher

Hemming Sarah, Shopkeeper

Hemming Thomas, Butcher

Herbert William, Gardener

Heynes William, Glazier

Higgens John, Gentleman

Higgens William, Hatter

Higgens John, Hatter

Hodgkins Misses, Gentlewomen

Horniblow John, Surgeon

Horniblow William, Surgeon

Hughes William, Flax Dresser

Hyde Thomas, Draper


Insull William, Land Surveyor and Auctioneer


Jones Rev. John, D. D.


Keitley – Tanner

Kibble Thomas, Poulterer

King Bertha

King David, Victualler

Knott John, Shopkeeper


Lord Elizabeth, Gentlewoman

Lyne John, Carpenter

Lyne William, Currier


Marshall Edmund, Shoemaker

Marshall William, Victualler

Marshall Stephen, Victualler

Mayors William, Victualler

Miles Joseph, Hatter

Mumford William, Excise Officer


Nelson William, Victualler

Newbould Thomas, Druggist

Newland John, Glazier

Newman George, Victualler

Nicholl Edward, Wheelwright


Parker John, Carpenter

Parker George, Carpenter

Parker Samuel, Carpenter

Parry Thomas, Auctioneer

Paul Elizabeth, Druggist

Perver Thomas, Gardener

Potter Daniel, Tailor

Pratt Thomas, Farmer

Prew Richard, Collar Maker

Prickett John, Victualler

Pritchard Miss, Gentlewoman


Ray Thomas, Saddler

Reeve John, Victualler

Robbins William, Clothier


Sabin Thomas, Gentleman

Salmon Thomas, Wheelwright

Shirley James, Saddler

Simms Sampson, Clothier

Snow Thomas, Tanner

Stanley Richard, Mason

Starling John, Victualler

Stephens Thomas, Miller

Strong John, Shoemaker

Sturch Williams, Baker

Sturch Joseph, Chandler

Summerton Walter Wheelwright


Tappin Elizabeth, Victualler

Truby Thomas, Hatter


Watford Thomas, Baker

Ward William, Hay Trusser

Wells James, Watchmaker

White John, Currier

White William, Weaver

Williams John, Excise Officer

Williams Ann, Shopkeeper

Wilson Thomas, Hair Dresser

Wise George, Weaver

Wright E. W. M. D.

Wright Marry, Gentlewoman

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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