Sherrard’s Green Great Malvern 1905

6 Houses in course of erection

Tredington Cottages – Harper Herbert, plumber and painter

Tredington Cottages – Siddons John F., clerk

Tredington Cottages – Philpotts Robert, labourer

Tredington Cottages – Mills George, labourer

Graham Ter. – Brownell Mrs., shopkeeper

Graham Ter. – Tustin John, tailor

Graham Ter. – Bedington J., electrical engineer

Graham Ter. – Lewis Charles, tailor

Graham Ter. – Pitt John J., inspector

Graham Ter. – Simmonds Thomas, signalman

Graham Ter. – Cubberley Walter, gardener

Graham Ter. – Nurse Benjamin, porter

Graham Ter. – Bradley John, porter

Graham Ter. – Willis Henry, hay trusser

Graham Ter. – Dovey William, carter

Graham Ter. – Hall Cecil, fitter

Graham Ter. – James John, coachman

Sherrard’s Green Cottages – Holmes Mrs. I.

Sherrard’s Green Cottages – Hitchman Charles W.

Sherrard’s Green Cottages – Reynolds A., ‘bus driver

Sherrard’s Green Cottages – McCann William, coachman

Sherrard’s Green Cottages – Jones Samuel, labourer

Sherrard’s Green Cottages – Parker William, labourer

Sherrard’s Green Cottages – Lowe James, carpenter

Barnard’s Green Cottages – Sefton David, fishmonger

Barnard’s Green Cottages – Smith William, gardener

Barnard’s Green Cottages – Soley James, gardener

Barnard’s Green Cottages – Talbot E., tailor

Barnard’s Green Cottages – Wheelwright Geo., upholsterer

Barnard’s Green Cottages – Ellis Joseph, gardener

Queen Hill Villas – Hyde A., porter

Queen Hill Villas – Main W., Manager, Livery Stables

Queen Hill Villas – Thomas Miss

Queen Hill Villas – Wyatt Frederick, tailor

Wheelwright Mrs.

Badam George, labourer

Parker William, labourer

Sherrard’s Green

Moat Court – Oliver George

Goodyear John, labourer

Jones Charles

Sherrard’s Green Farm – Bourne Frederick Thomas, farmer and hop grower

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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