Shelsley Walsh Worcestershire Billings Directory 1855

Shelsley Walsh, or Little Shelsley, is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Teme. It contained in 1851 a population of 53 inhabitants, and, according to the Census Tables, only ten houses. The view over the valley of the Teme, as the traveller ascends the hill from Stanford towards the Hundred House, is perhaps unequalled in the county as a specimen of inland rural scenery. The valley is narrow, but rich from cultivation, and fragrant and blooming. The principal house in this parish is the Court-house, now in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Smith. Sire Richard Walsh, who, as High Sheriff of the county, took an active part in the apprehension of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators, resided here. Many traces of the antiquity of the house remain. Some of the windows are curiously glazed and ornamented with the arms of those who have resided here. It was formerly surrounded by a moat, and had a drawbridge; but the late Mr. Smith filled up that part of the moat, and took away the bridge.

There is no school or public building in the parish, but Mrs. Smith has formed a Sunday School in her own house, and her kindness is so highly appreciated by the rising generation that her school is exceedingly well attended.

The Church, a small interesting specimen of a mediaeval church, containing nave and chancel, is situated in a small enclosure, not very closely studded with graves. It has a modest little substitute for a tower, with a perpendicular western window beneath. In the chancel is a large oak bier, dated 1710. There are also a variety of tiles, of scarce patterns, a remarkable incised slab, with a rude cross of two gradations, and a curious wooden altar-tomb, dated 1596, made of heart of oak, and having on its rim the inscription, “Sir John Walsh, Radnorshire, Lord Lieutenant, and Member of Parliament, caused this to be restored.” The living is a Rectory, annexed to Shelsley Beauchamp, in the patronage of Lord Ward. Rev. Daniel Melville, M.A., Rector; Mr. Joseph Thomas, Clerk. Service – 3 p.m.; first Sunday in the month, 11 a.m.


Court Mr. Richard, Court House

Bray Robert, miller and farmer, Forge Mill

Smith Joseph, farmer, Court House

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

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