Severn Stoke Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Stoke Severn, 3 miles from Upton, containing 123 houses, and 583 inhabitants.

Baylis John, farmer

Best Margaret, farmer

Burrow Thomas, farmer

Cotton William, farmer

Deerhurst Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount, M. P.

Doughty Thomas, farmer

Griffiths Mrs. Farmer

Harris Thomas, vict.

Hatch Francis, butcher

Hobbs Richard, farmer

Hobbs William, farmer

Horniblow Wm. farmer

Horniblow W. jun. farmer

Horniblow Geo. Farmer

Martin Charles, esq.

Newman John, farmer

Newman Wm. farmer

Rea John, gent.

Rea Joseph, farmer

Salmon Rev. Henry

St. John Rev. J. F. S. F.

Stonall Mary, farmer

Tibbott Edward, farmer

Tibbott John, farmer

White William, gent.

White John, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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