Severn Stoke Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

Severn Stoke is a large village and parish, situated about 7 miles S. of Worcester, and contained in 1851 a population of 726 inhabitants.

In the reign of Edward I this parish was held by the Clifford family, and the renowned George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland, who entered as a volunteer against the Spanish Armada, and made eight voyages against the Spaniards, was a member of this family. A market and fair were granted to be held here, by Edward II, but both having since fallen into disuse.

The Church, dedicated to St. Denis, consists of nave, chancel, and south aisle, with tower and five bells. The aisle is separated from the nave by four obtuse arches; the windows are principally in the decorated style, and some of them contain small portions of ancient stained glass, being fragments of the arms of the Beauchamp and other families who have held possessions in this parish. The living is a Rectory, in the patronage of the Trustees of the Earl of Coventry. The Hon. and Rev. T. H. Coventry, Rector; Rev. Henry H. Burrow, Curate; Mr. Thomas Parry, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The National School is conveniently situated near the middle of the village. The residence was presented by the Earl of Coventry, who, with the Rector and resident gentry, are the principal supporters. It is under Diocesan inspection. Mr. Thomas Bovington, Master; Mrs. Bovington, Mistress. Total number of scholars, boys and girls inclusive, 115. Charities – The Right Hon. Margaret Lady Coventry gave the sum of £20, to be laid out in land, to provide bread and wine for the sacrament, monthly. Catherine Fownes gave £10, for the use of the poor for ever. Richard Tustian, 1656, gave two acres of land, the money derived therefrom to be given in bread to the poor for ever, on Sundays. Mr. Posthumus Salway gave, by will, 1703, the sum of £30, for the use of the poor of this parish. Mrs. Ann Wright, by will, 1705, gave £5 to the village of Clifton, to remain in stock for ever; the interest to be given on St. John’s day to five poor widows in money. Mr. and Mrs. Chapleyne gave, in 1751, one silver flagon and chalice for the use of communion. John Blissard, by will, 1726, gave £5 to the poor of Severn Stoke, to remain in stock for ever; the interest to be given to the poor of Clifton annually. Mr. George Lloyd gave the sum of £40, the interest to be given in bread annually at Christmas; to which sum Mr. Richard Spencer added £20 to purchase the remainder of certain lands called Sandpitts and Studmore, which lands, by will dated 1762, were given to the poor of Kempsey and Severn Stoke for ever. Mr. William Palin, by will, 1764, gave £10 15s 5d., the interest to be given in bread to the poor on Christmas day.


Best Miss Elizabeth, Elton Cottage

Burrow Rev. Henry Hurst, B.A., Curate, Woodbine Villa

Burrow Mr. Thomas, Woodbine Villa

Coventry The Hon. and Rev. Thomas Henry, M.A., Rector, Rectory

Cotton Lady Augusta, The Birch

Dant John Coucher, Esq., Severn Bank

Jones Joseph, Esq., Spring Bank

Pardoe Mrs.

White Mrs. Sarah

Andrews Ellen, farmer, Kinnersley

Brooks George, maltster

Corbett James, farmer, Kinnersley

Dance John, wheelwright and machine maker, Clifton

Davis William, tailor

Doughty William, farmer, Kinnersley

Evans John, grocer and provision dealer, and Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Kempsey District

Gregory James, farmer, Dunstall

Hay John, shopkeeper and carpenter, Kinnersley

Haynes Robert, blacksmith, Kinnersley

Hitchings James, baker and shopkeeper

Howship Joseph, victualler, Boar’s Head

Hughes Mary Ann, farmer, Black Farm, Clifton

Key Ann, farmer, Clifton

Jauncey Charles, beer retailer, Crown and Anchor

Mann Thomas, farmer, Naunton Farm

Morris Mary Ann, farmer, Clifton

Parry Thomas, Parish Clerk

Pitt James, coal dealer

Scott William, blacksmith, Sandford

Seabright James, wheelwright, Clifton

Shepherd Henry, butcher

Spiers Henry, shoe maker, Kinnersley

Tainton John, blacksmith, Sandford

Tibbott Elizabeth, farmer, Lower House

Turberville Frederick, carpenter

Turberville James, beer retailer, The Oak, Kinnersley

White James, butcher and shopkeeper, Kinnersley

White Samuel, farmer, Sheepcot

Williams Jane, farmer, Kinnersley

Wood Sarah, farmer, High House

Woodward Francis, farmer, Clifton Court

Woodward Joseph, farmer, Park Farm

Workman Joseph, butcher, Clifton

Post Office – Mr. John Evans, Sub-Postmaster. Arrival, 6 30 a.m.; despatch, 6 30 p.m.

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

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