Sandys Road (Barbourne) Worcester 1905

Left Side From Barbourne Lane

Hayes Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper

  1. Creek John, leather dresser
  2. Blundell Edwin, glover
  3. Cotterell Walt. Harry, j’man blacksmith
  4. Cooper Alfred, wagon builder
  5. Harbage Allan, shunter
  6. Burbidge William, j’man carpenter
  7. Powell Charles, journeyman carpenter
  8. Harris Joshua, slaughterman
  9. Atkins Frank, carpenter
  10. Davies George, clicker
  11. Miles Ernest, journeyman plumber
  12. Coombey George Henry, j’man painter
  13. Johnson Alec, waiter
  14. Void
  15. Allen William, labourer

31 Ruff Charlotte, laundress

  1. Squires James, bootmaker
  • Briggs Arthur Edwin, labourer
  • Abberley Terrace – Tyler Wm., labourer
  • Abberley Terrace – Yeats Samuel Francis, staker
  • Abberley Terrace – Baptist James, skinner
  • Abberley Terrace – Cray Sidney, leather dresser
  • Abberley Terrace – Baptist Thomas, skinner
  • Brunswick Ter. – Niel Arthur Fredk., journeyman engineer
  • Brunswick Ter. – Clegg Arthur, leather dresser
  • Brunswick Ter. – Hill Thomas, j’man plumber
  • Brunswick Ter. – Void
  • Brunswick Ter. – Cullis Thomas, porter
  • Wilesmith James, naval pensioner
  • Downes George, viceman
  • Phillips John, journeyman gardener
  • Sutton Morris T., baker

Here Is Pope Iron Road


  1. Norcott Archibald, brewer’s traveller
  • Briggs Frederick, labourer
  • Mumford Alfred A., labourer
  • Void
  • Bradley Robert, journeyman bootmaker
  • Carter William J., letter carrier
  • Derrett Mrs. Fanny
  • Void
  • Taylor William, labourer
  • Wright George, journeyman stonemason
  • Allan Harry, painter
  • Potter Benjamin Frederick, stoker
  • Pawley William Henry, compositor
  • Allen Joseph, labourer
  • Jeynes Peter, journeyman bricklayer
  • Davies Lucy and Susan
  • Arter James, j’man plasterer
  • Charles Alfred, bricklayer
  • Matthews William, engine driver
  • Fudger William, j’man brush maker
  • Fern Vil. – Tummey Miss Amy, aprtmts.
  • Drinkwater Joseph, shoemaker
  • Jennings Mrs. Emma, laundress

Here Is Waterworks Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

History of Barbourne: And the Early Development of North Worcester
by Claire Wardle (Author), Terry Wardle (Author)

The first ever account of the history of Barbourne, now Worcester’s northern suburb, but an entirely separate area for much of its 1100 plus years of recorded history. The book takes Barbourne’s story from earliest times to the second world war, and includes more than 140 illustrations, many never published before.

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