Principal Inhabitants of Evesham 1791


William Bonaker, Esq. Mayor

Justices of the Peace, 4.

Sir John Rushout, Bart. M.P. for Evesham

Charles Welch, Esq.

John Roper, Esq.

John Stickley, Esq.

Thomas Coventry, Esq. Recorder

Henry Goore

John Phillips

John Rock

Matthias Stratton

Charles Welsborne

Rev. Samuel Sands

John Hunter

John Brown

Elias Andrews

William Preedy

Thomas Bowles, Esq.

William Batson, Esq.

Richard Soley

William Philips, Coroner

James Welsborne

Gentry, &c.

Courand William, Gent.

Kemp Charles, Gent.

Smith Mrs. widow

Thompson T. Esq. M.P. for Evesham


Ashfield Rev. Thomas

Butterworth Rev. L. Baptist Minister

Beale Rev. Thomas

Cooper Rev. Edward, sen. Vicar

Cooper Rev. Edward, jun.

Davis Rev. Benj. Dissenting Minister

Dawson Rev. J. Dissenting Minister

Hutchinson Rev. T.

Jennings Rev. Joshua

Sands Rev. Samuel

Smith Rev. –


Bonaker Wm. Surgeon and Apothecary

Field Benjamin, Surgeon & Apothecary

Hull Mrs. Druggist

Reynalds William, Druggist

Rodd John, Surgeon and Apothecary

Savage Richard, Surgeon & Apothecary


Baker William Beresford, Attorney

Blayney Thomas, Attorney

Lavander Joseph, Attorney

Outhwaite John, Attorney

Phillips John, Attorney

Welch Charles, Attorney

Traders, &c.

Acton John, Ironmonger, Maltster, and Seedsman

Acton Whitfield, Baker and Maltster

Agg John, Grocer and Tallow-chandler

Allcock John, Corn-dealer and Maltster

Andrews Michael, Victualler

Archer James, Joiner and Carpenter

Averill Thomas, Baker and Maltster

Barnes William, Baker

Barnes William, Victualler and Master of the Blue-school

Baylis John, Bed-mat-maker

Baylis Thomas, shoemaker

Baylis W. Victualler (Butcher’s Arms)

Baylis William, Breeches-maker

Bayzand and George, Milliners and Mantua-makers

Beach David, Taylor

Beaufoy Griffin, Skinner and Dealer in Wool

Beazley John, Gardener

Bednam William, Town-crier

Bevon Thomas, Hatter

Bird Elizabeth, Victualler

Brotherton Thomas, Gardener

Brown John, Distributor of Stamps

Brown Thomas, Peruke-maker

Brunsdon Rich. Plumber and Glazier

Burlingham John, Plumber & Glazier

Burlingham Thomas, Victualler

Butterworth Mary, Hatter and Hosier

Cartwright Michael, Parchment-maker and Leather-dresser

Clarke Edward, Millwright

Clarke James, Victualler & Millwright

Clarke John, Millwright

Clarke John, Land Surveyor and Auctioneer

Clemens Joseph, Butcher

Collet Joseph, Dealer in ready-made Clothes

Cooke Elizabeth, Grocer

Cooke Richard, Victualler & Gardener

Cooper Joseph, Flax-dresser

Cooper Mary, Grocer

Cotton Benjamin, Staymaker

Cotton Richard, Mercer and Draper

Davis Bushell, Shoemaker

Davis Charles, Taylor

Davis Elizabeth, Gardener

Davis John, Bookseller and Dealer in Medicines

Davis Thomas, Hair-dresser

Davis Tho. Victualler and Basket-maker

Davis Samuel, Gardener

Day George, Coal-merchant and Victualler (Golden Fleece)

Dobbings Wm. Slater and Plaisterer

Doyle James, Victualler (Fox)

Drury Pears, Brazier and Ironmonger

Dyson Edward, Peruke-maker

Eaden Thomas, Dealer in Corn and Hay

Ewans George, Butcher and Farmer

Fell Mrs. Dealer in China, Glass, and Hosiery

Field George, Gardener

Fisher and Fisher, Wheelwrights

Fisher Stephen, Wheelwright

Gardner Mrs. Parchment-maker

George Edward, Farmer

George Thomas, Shoemaker

George Thomas, jun. Shoemaker

Gibbs Thomas, Cooper & Basket-maker

Glover Francis, Cooper

Goore Henry, Grocer, Chandler, and Soapboiler

Green Richard, Peruke-maker

Green Robert, Victualler and Baker

Grove James, Gardener

Grove John, Basket-maker

Grove John, Gardener

Grove Thomas, Gardener

Grove Valentine, Gardener

Haines Robert, Plumber and Glazier

Hall Joseph, Excise-officer

Hancock John, Grocer & Linen-draper

Harris Thomas, Taylor

Harris Thomas, Sadler

Headley John, Innkeeper and Farmer

Hemming William, Shoemaker

Herbert William, Taylor

Hewgall Henry, Skinner and Dealer in Wool

Hill Elizabeth, Shoemaker

Hill George, Gardener

Hill Thomas, Taylor

Hill Thomas, Brazier

Hiron Richard, Victualler

Hitch John, Gardener

Horne Rudge, Mercer and Draper

Hornsby Richard, Wire-screen and Riddle-maker

Horsman Edward, Flax-dresser

Hughes James, Dealer in Corn

Hughes John, Gardener

Hughes Joseph, Gardener

Hughes Richard, Gardener

Hughes Thomas, Farmer

Humphris Thomas, Butcher

Hundley Hunphrey, Innkeeper

Hunter Thomas, Mercer and Draper

Husband Mrs. School-mistress

Hyde Daniel, Maltster

Hyde Richard, Sadler and Collar-maker

Izod Robert, Cooper

Jackson Edward, Butcher

James –, Taylor

Jarret Thomas, Joiner and Cabinet-maker

Jelfs William, Maltster

Jenks Edmund, Baker

Johnson Jarvis, Breeches-maker

Kelsall Elizabeth, Salter

Kerry Thomas, Baker

Kerry William, Turner

Kite William, Carpenter and Builder

Knight John, Gardener

Knight William, Leather-dresser and Splitter

Knowles Thomas, Victualler and Serjeant at Mace

Lacon Mrs. Ladies Boarding-school

Lavander Joseph, Banker

Lawrence Giles, Victualler

Lawrence Thomas, Gardener

Leonard Mrs. Grocer

Lloyd Mrs. Milliner

Lloyd William, Dealer in Earthenware

Marriott Edward, Glover

Marshall Henry, Cooper

Marshall William, Victualler

Marshall Ralph, Farmer

Mathews John, Victualler, Skinner, and Dealer in Wool

Mathews Mrs. Victualler

Matthews William, Breeches-maker

Mayo Charles, Maltster

Morris Mary, Milliner

Morse George, Coal-merchant

Morse John, Coal-merchant

Moulting William, Victualler

Mumford Thomas, Gardener

Murrall Benjamin, Grocer and Tallow-chandler

Nabbs Joseph, Victualler

Nelson Mrs. Proprietor of the Oil-works

New Anth. Skinner and Dealer in Wool

New Benjamin, Gardener

New Elizabeth, Milliner

New James, Gardener

New John, Gardener

New John, Skinner and Dealer in Wool

New Thomas, sen. Gardener

New Thomas, Gardener

New William, Gardener

New William, Currier

Night Richard, Gardener

Noakes Thomas, Baker

Oldakers Francis, Dealer in ready-made Clothes

Oliver John, Shoemaker

Osborne John, Hatter

Osborne John, School-master

Outhwaite John, Maltster

Paine Joseph, Victualler

Parsons T. Butcher

Partington William, Butcher

Pearce James, Grocer, Chandler, and Soapboiler

Penny Henry, Victualler (Royal Oak)

Perrot George, Banker

Perrot William, Shoemaker

Pettifer Ann, Grocer and Draper

Pratt Joseph, Cabinet-maker and Auctioneer

Preedy Benjamin, Hosier

Preedy Mrs. Dealer in Hosiery and Worsteds

Price William, Farmer

Rainer William, Excise-officer

Reade Elizabeth, School-mistress

Rivers Sarah, Grocer, &c.

Roberts Isaac, Staymaker and Serjeant at Mace

Roberts John, Corn-dealer

Roberts Mary, Miliner and Mantua-maker

Roberts William, Grocer

Roper John, Tanner

Russ John, Butcher, and Dealer in ready-made Clothes

Russell Tho. Sadler and Collar-maker

Scott Martha, Grocer, &c.

Simmans Mrs. Midwife

Smith Elizabeth, Grocer

Smith Henry, Maltster

Smith Henry, Mercer and Draper

Smith Henry, Joiner and Carpenter

Smith John, Baker and Miller

Smith Joshua, Innkeeper

Smith Joshua, Dealer in Pigs

Smith Thomas, Baker, Maltster, and Farmer

Smith Thomas, Supervisor of Excise

Smith William, Lcoksmith

Soley Richard, Grocer, Chandler, and Soapboiler

Staite John, Shoemaker

Stickley John, Baker and Maltster

Stokes Benjamin, Blacksmith

Stowe James, Shoemaker

Stratton Matthias, Dealer in Wines and Spirits

Suffield Joseph, Sadler

Suffield Samuel, Shoemaker and Dealer in Groceries

Suffield Thomas, Shoemaker

Tandy Philip, Mat-maker

Territ Thomas, Peruke-maker

Thomas Joseph, Dealer in Foreign Wines and Spirits

Thomas Richard King, Mercer and Draper

Timbrell William, Taylor

Tustin John, sen. Bricklayer

Tustin John, jun. Bricklayer

Tymbs Samuel, Victualler

Veal Thomas, Butcher

Walker Stephen, Victualler & Cooper

Walter John, Blacksmith

Walter William, Whitesmith

Warner John, Clock and Watch-maker

Warren Benjamin, Gardener

Warren George, Gardener

Warren John, Gardener

Warren Roger, Gardener

Watts Francis, Farmer

Welsborne Charles, Grocer & Farmer

Welsborne James, Baker & Maltster

White Henry, Currier

White William, Victualler and Postmaster

Whitford Henry, Slater & Plaisterer

Whitford James, Shoemaker

Whitford Joseph, Slater & Plaisterer

Whitford Thomas, Slater & Plaisterer

Whitford William, Shoemaker

Whitin Thomas, Plumber & Glazier

Wickins William, Staymaker

Wight William, Victualler

Wilkes –, Clock and Watch-maker

Williams –, Taylor

Williams Jonathan, Taylor

Woodward Richard, Baker

Yardington Charles, Baker, Maltster, and Miller

Source Universal British Directory 1791

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