Kempsey Worcestershire – Universal British Directory 1791

Kempsey, a pleasant village three miles from Worcester, on the Bath road. Here King II held a court, attended by the principal nobility and bishops in the kingdom. In 1253 a great riot happened, in which the bishop’s bailiff and his tenant cut off the head of one John de Draycott, and put it before the bishop’s gate. Here are some remains of a camp; and this place once had a monastery. Kempsey is now a handsome well-built village, and many genteel families reside therein. The church is a large building, in the form of a cross, but has no marks of great antiquity.

Baker William, Esq.

Baylis Thomas, Carpenter

Best William, Nash-farm

Boulter Rev. G.

Boulter George, Surgeon

Boulter Thomas, Green-street

Boulter William

Buckle Thomas, Surveyor

Capel Henry, Schoolmaster

Castle Thomas, Stonehall

Castle John, Stonehall

Cox Thomas, Weaver

Dalby William, Butcher

Downes Henry, Clay-hill

Ellis John J. Esq.

Farmer Francis, Taylor

Firkins James, Shoemaker

Godsall Thomas, Broomhall

Gorle John, Appleton

Gorle Robert, Draycot

Green Samuel, Castle-green

Guest Mr. W.

Hampton Samuel, Baker

Harris Elizabeth, Shopkeeper

Hartwright Mrs. Clerken-leap

Hay William

Hill E. Ladies Academy

Hodges Unit, Broomhall

Holl T. A.

Howell John, Baynham

Hurdman Robert, Holding

Hurdman Thomas, Appleton

Jones William, Shoemaker

Lamb George, Esq.

Lock William, Draycot-farm

Munn Richard, Blacksmith

Nichols Miss, Boarding-school

Ormond Thomas, Shoemaker

Partington Joseph, Baker, Talbot

Scriven Thomas

Scriven Thomas, jun.

Sealey Samuel

Serjeant Thomas, Gent.

Smith George, Brooking

Smith John, Blacksmith

Smith John, Draycot

Southhouse Rev. Mr.

Sparkes Captain

Stanton Thomas, Crown Inn

Stanton Joseph

Stonehall Samuel, Brooking

Taylor Joseph, Schoolhouse

Tomkins James, Green-street

Turner William, Draycot

West Samuel, Esq.

White William, Butcher

White Thomas, jun. Butcher

White Thomas, Castle-green

White John, Wheelwright

White John, Baker

Source: Universal British Directory 1791

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