John Street (Blockhouse) Worcester 1905

  1. Matthews Mrs. Abiah, cook
  2. Randle Edward
  3. Freer George, labourer
  4. Cross Joseph, railway porter
  5. Williams Edward, shopkeeper

Here Is St. Paul’s Walk

  1. Probert Samuel, labourer</p>
  2. Davies George, journeyman blacksmith
  3. Yeates Ann, charwoman
  4. Beechey William, labourer

Here Is Canal Walk

  1. Davis William George, tinman</p>
  2. Wood Henry James, tinman
  3. Bowcott Alfred, carpenter
  4. Perkins Charles, labourer
  5. Young Miss Sarah, china worker
  6. Miles William, stoker
  7. Loynes William, journeyman carpenter
  8. Dovey John, labourer
  9. Godwin Mrs., florist, &c.

Here Is James Street


  1. Hill Richard James, glove cutter</p>
  2. Webb Henry, engine fitter
  3. Morris Frank, blacksmith
  4. Child John, j’man blacksmith.
  5. Hall William, iron moulder
  6. Pointer Charles, goods guard
  7. Daniels William, sheet maker
  8. Morris Thomas Henry, iron moulder
  9. Coppell Mrs. Maria, lodgings
  10. Harris Mrs. Fanny, gloveress
  11. Allso William, moulder
  12. Void
  13. Welch Mrs. E., lodgings
  14. Yeats Walter, glover
  15. Void
  16. Brant Thomas, fireman

Here Is St. Paul’s Walk

  1. Day Albert Ernest, butcher</p>
  2. Lee Ernest, porter
  3. Darke Mrs. Susan, seamstress
  4. Jackson Mrs.

Here Is George Street

Canal Walk – Davis Annie, charwoman

Canal Walk – Curtis William, labourer

Canal Walk – Curtis Henry, labourer

Canal Walk – Sandles Charles, labourer

Canal Walk – Cox William, labourer

Canal Walk – Stokes Samuel, tinman

Canal Walk – Lucy Mrs., gloveress

Canal Walk – Hall Mrs., charwoman

Canal Walk – Marshall Alfred, labourer

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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