James Street (Blockhouse) Worcester 1905

  1. Hopkins Ernest Thomas, labourer
  2. Porter Mrs. Ellen, charwoman
  3. Evans William, foundryman
  4. Hunt George, labourer
  5. Hunt Herbert, fitter
  6. Webb Thomas, labourer
  7. Webb Robert, labourer
  8. Tolley George William, railwayman

Here Is John Street

  1. Hardwick Alfred, j’man shoemaker
  2. Prodger Harry, j’man blacksmith

St. Martin’s Terrace –

St. Martin’s Terrace (1) Price Edward, labourer

St. Martin’s Terrace (2) Pittaway Thomas, engine driver

St. Martin’s Terrace (3) Poole Miss Leone, gloveress

St. Martin’s Terrace (4) Hughes Albert, labourer

St. Martin’s Terrace (5) Hallett Henry, glove cutter

  1. Cockings Silvanus, journeyman tailor
  2. Smith R., drayman
  3. Bevan Charles, labourer
  4. Turner William, journeyman blacksmith
  5. Fox Harry, boot finisher
  6. Glazzard Ernest, brush maker
  7. Brown William, railway porter
  8. Morgan James, labourer
  9. Eden George, labourer
  10. Millington Mrs., laundress
  11. Turner Alfred, journeyman plumber
  12. Matthews Clendon, j’man carpenter
  13. Hinks John James, labourer
  14. Coopey Harry, fishmonger’s assistant
  15. Hobbs Harvey, glover
  16. Andrews Walter, bricklayer
  17. Davis Frederick, fireman
  18. Void
  19. Void
  20. Poole Herbert, journeyman blacksmith
  21. Walker Frederick Charles, baker
  22. Hanbury Albert, Croft Brewery
  23. Jenkins Mrs., lodgings

34 & 35. Hunt Edwin, grocer and dairyman

Steam Saw Mills – Aston Walter H., timber Merchant, &c.

Reliance Works – Albion Box Coy., makers of every kind of partition cases, &c.

  1. Void
  2. Willmott John, glover
  3. Davis Herbert, labourer
  4. Pestridge Andrew, ex-engine driver
  5. Haynes William, fitter
  6. Gentle J., labourer
  7. Clarke Henry, Carriage cleaner
  8. Barley Bertie, sheet repairer

Hirons George, Potter’s Arms (side entrance)

Here Is St. Paul Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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