Holloway Droitwich 1905

Left Side From Hanbury Street

Holloway Cot. – Evans Mrs. Mary, aprtmts.

Evans Edward, grocer and baker

Evans E., cycle depot

Weaver Mrs. M. A.

Bourne Mrs. Sarah

Sampson Thos. Hy., beer rtlr., Ring of Bells

Jones Thomas, gardener

White Mrs. Sarah, charwoman

White Rose Cottage – void

Mason Mrs.

Knight George, labourer

Griffiths Henry, labourer

Hughes John, caretaker

Watts William, labourer

Pugh Henry, labourer

Maycroft William, salt worker

Cottrell Mrs. Elizabeth

Harrison John, labourer

Watts William, labourer

Davis Miss Lavinia, dressmaker

Cotterill Henry, salt worker

Rudd Miss S.

Willis George, signalman

House void

Hawkins John, cabdriver

Harrison Charles, miller

Woodward Thomas

Hunt Joseph, letter carrier

Smith Charles, painter

Willis George, letter carrier

Newman Edward, carter

Hyde Joseph, hawker

Leek Victor, platelayer

Bourne Thomas, cab driver

Bunn George, salt worker

Alcock Mrs.

Partridge Joseph, painter & house decorator

Bourne Thomas, labourer

Bunn Thomas, waterman

Smith Charles, salt worker

Rudd Thomas, journeyman gardener

Langford Mrs., charwoman

Partridge Mrs.

Harrison Mrs. H., charwoman

Leek Thomas, cab driver

Bateman George, carter

Harrison Henry, journeyman bricklayer

Bateman Henry, salt worker

Ackrill Alfred, journeyman gardener

Holloway House, Walker Mrs.

Orchard Lea – Amphlett Miss

Post Letter-box – cleared at 7.30 a.m., 3.15, 6.50 p.m. week-days. Sundays, 8.0 a.m.

Right Side From Hanbury Street

18 Almshouses erected by Henry Coventry

St. Peter’s National Schools – Mr. Sadler, Master; Miss Williams, Girls’ Mistress; Miss Gwennett, Infants’ Mistress

Here Is Herriots Lane

Here Is St. Peter’s Walk

St. Peter’s Walk start :-

Smith Edward, editor of the Droitwich Guardian

Crowther Thomas, j’man plumber

Crowther William, plumber

Elm Villa – Horton Colin John, apartments

Small Samuel James, builder and contractor

Laurel Villa – Tanner Miss, apartments

Hampton Vil. – Tolley Ed. J., masseur

St. Peter’s Villa – Breeze Edward, accountant

Gittins Christopher, gardener

St. John’s Brine Baths Hospital – Miss Lydia Mary Gillam, Matron

Lea Villa – Void

Cupstone Villa – Langford George

Fairview – Bale Mrs.

Northlea –Smith Mrs. Mary, apartmts.

Southlea – Gabb Jackson, solicitor

End of St. Peter’s Walk

Crump Joseph, journeyman gardener

The Vicarage – Turnbull Rev. George Thomas, M.A. (vicar of St. Peter’s)

Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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