Hanbury Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Hanbury, 3 miles from Droitwich, containing 165 houses, and 983 inhabitants.

Allen Mrs., farmer

Appleby Joseph, maltster

Appleby T., shoemaker

Burbage Richard, farmer

Burbage Mrs., farmer

Burslem Henry, gent.

Chillingworth J., farmer

Downes Edward, farmer

Downes Mrs., farmer

Eades Henry, farmer

Ford Mrs, farmer

Fownes George, farmer

Grove Wm. sen., farmer

Grove Wm. jun., farmer

Hands William, farmer

Handy Henry, farmer

Harbor Joseph, vict.

Heming Thomas, farmer

Heywood James, farmer

Heywood John, timber merchant

Jackson Thomas, farmer

Jackson George, farmer

Laughter William, farmer

Lilly John, farmer

Martin B., wheelwright

Milward William, farmer

Morrell John, farmer

Palmer Richard, farmer

Parkes Mrs., farmer

Parkes Mary, farmer

Parkes William, farmer

Parkes Thomas, farmer

Parry – , farmer

Percival – , esq. Broughton house

Perkins John, farmer

Perks John, farmer

Phillips John, esq.

Saunders Thomas, farmer

Smith William, farmer

Still Abel, tailor

Thomas Richard, farmer

Vernon Thos. Taylor, esq.

Vernon Rev. William

Wagstaff Samuel, farmer

Weaver Mrs. farmer

Weaver George, butcher

Weaver Thomas, butcher

Wyatt Thomas, sen.

Wyatt Thomas, jun.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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