Churchill in Oswaldslow Parish Register Banns 1762 to 1792

Vol. II

A Register Book for the publication of Banns of Marriage according to the Act of Parliament of the 26 George II. by Joseph Fox Parish Clerk to the Honourable the House of Commons (Royal Arms) London printed for Joseph Fox Bookseller in Westminster Hall and Benjamin Dod Bookseller to the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge at the Bible and Key in Ave Maria Lane near St. Paul’s MDCCLIV. Folio 15” x 9”.

Churchill (The year 1762).

No.1. Page the 1st.
Banns of marriage between John Ballard of the Parish of White Lady Aston a Widower and Sarah Wooten of this Parish a Spinster were published on the three Sundays underwritten that is to say
On Sunday the 7th March 1762 by me G. Heath rector.
On Sunday the 14 March 1762 by me G. Heath rector.
On Sunday the 21 March 1762 by me G. Heath rector.
1763 No. 2. Between William Smith bachelor & Mary Bull widow. Sunday 2nd, 9th, 16th November 1763. By G. Heath Rector & G. Gem Minister.1

1763 No. 3. Between Richard Sherwood Bachelor & Mary Dunn Spinster. Sunday 1st 8th 15th May 1763. By G. Heath Rector.

1764 No. 4. Between Edward Day Bachelor & Ann Coole of Crowle Spinster. Sunday 16, 23rd, 30th September. By G. Heath rector.

1765 No. 5. Between John Woodward of White Lady Aston & Sarah Wheeler (sic). Sunday 2nd 9th 16th June. By George Gem Minister.

1765 No. 6. Between Samuel Sparry of White Lady Aston & Mary Powel. Sunday 17th 24 November 1st December. By G. Gem Minister. Transcribed.

1767 No. 7. Between Richard Hemming & Elizabeth Touch. Sunday 27 September 4th & 11th October. By R. Kirsley Minister.

1769 No. 8. Between John Munsloe & Alice Bridges published September 14th 1769 by Rich. Hurdman Minister. The banns were published 27 August 3 & 10 Sept. by Richd. Hurdman (Cur.).

1772 No. 9. Between Robert James & Ann Harris. Sunday 11th 18th 25th October. By Rd. Hurdman (Curate).

1774 No. 10. Between John Hodgkins & Alice Parkes. Sunday 11th 18th 25th September. By Richard Hurdman minister.

1782 No. 11. Between Samuel Wood and Sarah Reese. Sunday 12th 19th 26th October 1782. By G. Dineley Rector.

1784 No. 12. Between Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Hughs. Sunday 18th & 25th July & 1st August 1784. By G. Dineley Rector.

17?? No. 13. Between George Gaze & Anne Soul of Kemmerton. Sunday 5th 12th 19th April 17??. By G. Dineley Rector.2

1791 No. 14. Between William Huband & Hannah Ewins. Sunday 15th, 22nd, 29th May 1791. By me George Dinely Rector.

1792 No. 15. Between Francis Hide & Mary Sherwood. Sunday 9th 16th 25 September. By me G. Dineley Rector.

After there is no further entry in the Banns Book.

  1. G. Gem was Vicar of Crowle 1749 – 1769. 
  2. Year left blank. 

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