Chaddesley Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Aingsworth Thos., miller

Aynes Samuel, farmer

Bagnall Randle, farmer

Bate John, grocer

Bayliss James, carpenter

Bayliss Thomas, vict.

Birch Thomas, factor

Bird George, mercer

Blakeway Rich., farmer

Blakeway Wm., farmer

Blakeway James, farmer

Blakeway John, farmer

Blakeway C., butcher

Broad John, carpenter

Brook John, carpenter

Butt James, esq., farmer

Cockshutt Edward, gent.

Cooke Charles, glazier

Cox William, miller

Corbett John, farmer

Edwards James, farmer

Emery Thomas, attorney

Flewett Thos., pig dealer

Giles John, farmer

Giles Thomas, butcher

Guest Edward, farmer

Harrison W., wire drawer

Harwood Rev. T.

Heynes James, farmer

Higgs John, farmer

Higgs John, jun., farmer

Hobbins James, farmer

Hodgkins S., butcher

Horn John, butcher

Jackson Ann, victualler

Jones William, farmer

Lees Thomas, surgeon

Lett John, farmer

Lilley E., farmer

Mackrell James, gent.

Mackrell J., jun., farmer

Marsden Rev. J.

Mitchell Samuel, esq.

Moore John, farmer

Nash James, gent.

Nichols John, farmer

Page John, farmer

Perrins James, maltster

Perrins John, farmer

Perry William, farmer

Phipson J. W., ironmaster

Piercy Rev. G. H.

Poole Edmund, farmer

Potter Jas., Wheelwright

Rawlins William, esq.

Reeve James, shoemaker

Russell Edward, smith

Spurry William, farmer

Tandy William, vict.

Taylor T., wheelwright

Timmint Arthur, farmer

Trow Edward, farmer

Walker Wm., shoemaker

Watkins R & J., butchers

Watkins Gregory, farmer

Wigley J., schoolmaster

Wilkes Thomas, farmer

Wilkinson Wm., gent.

Williams Lucy, farmer

Wright Thomas, smith

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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