Blockley Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Blockley, detached from this county, and surrounded by Gloucestershire, contains 326 houses, and 1569 inhabitants. Paxton, Aston, Draycot, Ditchford, and Dorn, are all hamlets to this parish. A brook, which rises in Bourton wood, flows in a serpentine course through the parish, and has several silk and corn mills thereon; the silk manufacture employs a number of hands, and meets with considerable success.


Adams Mrs. widow

Atkins Wm., victualler

Baldwin Charles, woolstapler

Banbury and Taplin, silk throwsters

Bearcroft John, baker

Boughton Rev. William

Bullock William, baker

Collier Rev. Richard

Cudd Edward, miller

Dyde Thos., wheelwright

Espry John, baker

Figgures Thos., farmer

Franklin H., silk throwster

Fretwell Thomas, farmer

Haines Thos., glazier

Hale Thomas, mason

Hall John, fellmonger

Harris James, miller

Harris Wm., baker

Herbert John, butcher

Herbert Ann, butcher

Herbert Jer., butcher

Hobbs William, miller

Manton George, sacking maker

Marshall John, farmer

Minchin Francis, farmer

Palfrey William, farmer

Pain John, shopkeeper

Pain Jonathan, miller

Penson Samuel, joiner

Pickering John, farmer

Pickering Samuel, bailiff

Roberts Joseph, Esq.

Russell William, silk throwster

Smith James, mercer and draper

Smith C., silk throwster

Smith Richard, fellmonger

Smith J. Rock Cottage

Sperry James, surgeon

Stratton J., silk throwster

Taplin Elizabeth, silk throwster

Taylor James, grocer

Taylor John, maltster

Thrackwell Wm., gent.

Trenfield and Smith, millers

Turner John, Esq.

Wadup Richard, tailor

Walker Edward, maltster

Webb James, shopkeeper

Westmancot Martin, silk throwster

Whitelese John, farmer

Wilks George, gent.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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