Birtsmorton Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Birtsmorton, 4 miles from Upton-upon-Severn, containing 45 houses, and 238 inhabitants.


Badham Joseph, farmer

Badham Francis, farmer

Beale Benj., carpenter

Berry Thos., shopkeeper

Bray Elizabeth, farmer

Brotheridge C., farmer

Brotheridge John

Bull Charles, farmer, &c.

Cowton James, farmer

Cross Francis, farmer

Cross Robert, farmer

Hart James, gent.

Jenkins James, carpenter

Kerby James, farmer

Lane John, farmer

Morris W., schoolmaster

Pitt John, carpenter

Thrackwell Wm., farmer

Tomlins Wm., farmer

Wadley Wm., horse dealer

Wadley J., horse dealer

Western George, higler

White John, carpenter

Williams George, gent.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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