Alton Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820


Bodenham Mrs. farmer

Cooke Moses, farmer

Dallow W. woolstapler

Dallow M, farmer

Davis Thomas, farmer

Dorrell Edward, farmer

Evans James, farmer

Green William, farmer

Hammons Sam., farmer

Hammons Wm., farmer

Hammons James, farmer

Harvat Widow, farmer

Holder John, farmer

Horton John, tailor

Millichap Edw., farmer

Mole Ann, farmer

Morris Joseph, farmer

Oliver Edward, farmer

Oliver William, farmer

Perkins Thomas, farmer

Rea E. B., farmer

Roberts J., Shoemaker

Smith Edward, farmer

Stringer John, farmer

Wainwright Wm., farmer

Walton Samuel, farmer

Wheeler H., farmer

Whitcomb Thos., farmer

Winwood George, farmer

Winwood John, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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