Alexandra Road Malvern Link 1905

Left Side From Worcester Road

The Bungalow – Hayes F.W. (Hayes & Son)

Charlton – Stock The Misses

Iona – Richardson E. G.

Hilderstone – Gibbs Henry

Seaborough – Maynard The Misses

Moorseats – Eyre-Smith Mrs.

Homesdale – Smith Miss Grace

Staplehurst – void

  1. Park Villas – (Stoneleigh) Thompson Mrs.
  2. Park Villas – (Arnstead) Void

  3. Park Villas – (Northcote) Lee Rev. P. H.

  4. Park Villas – Knight Miss

  5. Westmoreland Villas – King Fredk. Wm., bank clerk

  6. Westmoreland Villas – Westaway W. H.

  7. Westmoreland Villas – Deeth W. H.

  8. Westmoreland Villas – Harrington Archibald

  9. Westmoreland Villas – Moore Miss Agnes

  10. Westmoreland Villas – Vevers Miss

  11. Westmoreland Villas – Moore Mrs. Mary

Forli – Lott Mrs.

Glencairn – Smart Miss M. F.

Clevelands – Darby Miss Martha, apartmts.

Hillbrow – Mason Col. William Henry

The Brae – Hodgkinson Miss

Kenilworth – Pattison Miss Louisa

Parkhurst – void

Here Is A Road Leading To Albert Park Road

Return From Somers Road

Kingerby – void

Eastcote – Lingwood Mrs., apartments

Rookwood – Fowler Miss

Here Is Worcester Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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