Alderminster Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Alderminster, 6 miles from Shipston-upon-Stour, containing 76 houses, and 363 inhabitants.


Court Leonard, farmer

Court George, farmer

Edwards John, carpenter

Ford E. D. farmer

Henry John, victualler

Lane Thomas, farmer

Lloyd Alfred, farmer

Millward C. gentlewoman

Newnham Edw. farmer

Oliver R. horse dealer

Price Rev. William

Prentice Wm. maltster

Roberts John, smith

Sansom Thos. shoemaker

Sansom Daniel, farmer

Sheldon Edward, Esq.

Smith George, Esq.

Smith Phillip, gent.

Southam Thomas, farmer

Waitt William, butcher

Ward Ann, gentlewoman

Wells John, farmer

West J. R., Esq.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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