Castle Bromwich Gazetteer and Directory of Warwickshire 1850

Post Office, at Mrs. Ann Lewis’s.

Austin William, corn miller

Baldock, George, wheelwright

Barnes James, schoolmaster

Blewitt John, classical and commercial boarding school

Cooper John and Joseph, builders

Davis Thomas, wire tool maker

Ellis John, blacksmith

Kempson Rev. Edwin, incumbent

Leake Henry, millwright

Lewis Ann, post mistress

Newton William gent. Whateley Hall

Powell Ann, victualler, maltster, & farmer, Bradford Arms

Pritchitt Mrs. Amelia

Roobotton Harriet, infant school

Rowley Richard, bricklayer

Warham Mary, victualler, Castle Inn

Warner Jane, schoolmistress

Webb Ann, school

Whade Joseph, grocer and druggist

Whitton George, butcher and farmer

Williams James, blacksmith


Asbary William, Park Hall

Bosworth Edward, Dalton

Chattock John, Hay House

Cooper Charles

Dowler Thomas

Gibson Richard

Johnson Benjamin

Mitchell John

Smallwood John, (and wine merchant)

Smith Thomas

Twamley Zachariah

Ward Joseph, Moat house

Source: Gazetteer and Directory of Warwickshire; Francis White & Co.; 1850.

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