Poll Book 1865, Eaton-under-Haywood Shropshire

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of July 1865 between Col. The Hon. P. E. Herbert, Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart., and R. Jasper More, Esq.

Poll Book of the Election, July 1865 for the Southern Division of Shropshire.

Church Stretton Polling District

Eaton-under-Haywood, Parish of

1217 Beck Peter, see 3158

1218 Buddicom Robert Joseph

1219 Butcher Richard, see 966

1220 Green John

1221 Hamar John, see 1297

1222 Harris Joseph 

1223 Hide John

1224 James John

1225 Powell Thomas Crump, see 2471

1226 Robinson James Hastings

1227 Sandford Folliott

1228 Sandford George

1229 Sandford Holland

1230 Taylor Job, see 1311

1231 Warren Joseph Loxdale, see 961

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