Hopesay Shropshire Poll Book 1865

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of July 1865 between Col. The Hon. P. E. Herbert, Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart., and R. Jasper More, Esq.

Poll Book of the Election, July 1865 for the Southern Division of Shropshire.

Clun Polling District

Hopesay, Parish of

2130 Adams Philip Birt

2131 Baxter James, see 362

2132 Beddell William

2133 Bluck George

2134 Bright George

2135 Cadwallader John

2136 Evans William

2137 Griffiths Samuel

2138 Jacks Edward

2139 Jones William

2140 Marston Richard

2141 Merrell Alfred

2142 Morris Thomas

2143 Owen George

2144 Pugh John, dead

2145 Robinson Richard

2146 Sandford, Rev. Folliot, dead

2147 Shingler Hugh, dead

2148 Thomas John

2149 Turner Edward

2150 Urwick John

2151 Weyman John

2152 Williams Thomas

2153 Beale Theodore

2154 Beale Thomas Salway

2155 Middleton Thomas, see 2002

2156 Tanner Edward

2157 Wellings William

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