Hope Bagot Marriages 1813 to 1837

[The parties are of Hope Bagot unless otherwise described. There are no entries for 1813 to 1822]

1823, May 20. John James and Sara Boundford.

David Jones, Curate [Signs till 1827]

1823, Aug. 7. Edward Nichols and Mary Merrick

1825, Oct. 4. William Sharman and Lucy Jones (Rock)

1827, Aug. 2. Thomas Wall (Richard’s Cas.) and Elizabeth Tipton

George Ward, Rector.

1831, Nov. 3. Samuel Lewis (Ludford) and Jemima Giles

T. T. Lewis (Aymestrey).

1834, May 27. James Price and Elizabeth Probert.

T. F. More, Off. Min.

1834, Oct. 26. William Oliver and Mary Cooper.

J. Durand Baker, Off. Min.

1837, Jan. 30. John Carter, wid., and Margaret Hyde.

A. Stewart, Off. Min.

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