Hope Bagot Marriages 1755 to 1812

[At opposite end of the same book]

[The parties are of Hope Bagot, and the Marriages are by Banns, except where otherwise stated].

1755, Mar. 21. John Grinhouse and Barbara Andrews. By Griffith Griffiths, Curate. W.: Saml. Wood and Samuel Lloyd.

1758, Jan. 28. William Tuncks and Sarah Broom. By Thos. Edwardson, Curate. W.: Sam. Wood, William Harvatt.

1759, Aug. 19. William Lloyd and Elizabeth Maund, both p. Tenbury, lic. W.: William Nott, John Maund.

1761, July 14. William Crowther and Mary Medlicot. W.: Humphrey Wright, Thomas Wright.

1763, Feb. 7. John Reynolds and Sara Osland. W.: William Harvatt, Thomas Walker.

1764, May 4. William Birch and Elizabeth Reynolds. W.: John Lambert, Lucy Vale.

1768, Dec. 26. William Morris and Jane Harvet. By Willm. Smith, Rector. W.: William Birch, William Carter.

1769, Jan. 25. John Prosser, p. Tenbury, and Elizabeth Pugh. W.: John Lambert, William Birch.

1770, Feb. 12. Thomas Hammond and Ruth Penny, p. Burford, lic. W.: Susannah Purslow, William Causer.

1770, June 29. Samuel Stokes & Elizabeth Walker. W.: Samuel Brown, Martha Downs.

1770, Oct. 29. Richard Chambers and Hannah Hide, wid. W.: Samuel Penny, William Carter.

1771, May 14. Samuel Brown and Mary Tedstill, wid. W.: Jonathan Symonds, Sarah Symons.

1771, Aug. 31. William Causer and Ann Smith. W.: Moses Williams, Willm. Carter.

1772, July 13. William Morris and Mary Lello. W.: Willm. Carter, Sarah Nowell.

1774, July 11. John Evans, p. Greet, and Elizabeth Lane. W.: Joseph Addice, Wm. Carter.

1775, Feb. 19. George Nash and Sarah Nowell, lic. W.: Samuel Penny, Eleanor Stokes.

1775, May 11. Richard Wright and Sarah Haynes. W.: Jeremiah Pope, Willm. Carter.

1776, Ap. 22. Thomas Powell and Ann Nash. W.: James Nash, Willm. Carter.

1777, May 26. James Nash, p. Bitterley, and Elizabeth Dillow, lic. W.: William Bottrell, Willm. Carter.

1777, June 9. John Wigmore and Mary Jones. W.: Hannah Maund, William Pope.

1779, June 7. William Goodman and Jane Shute. W.: James Roberts, Wilm. Carter.

1780, June 22. John Powell and Jane Bird. W.: Willm. Powell, Wilm. Carter.

1782, Dec. 2. Joseph Bishop and Frances Smith. W.: James Smith, Wilm. Carter.

1782, Aug. 4. William Faulkner and Ann Katsrey. W.: Richard Faulkner, Wilm. Carter.

1784, June 22. William Faulkner and Martha Chambers. W.: [blank] Glover, Wilm. Carter.

1786, Ap. 27. John Potts and Jane Greenhouse. By Tho. Clark, Curate of Cainham. W.: Ann Shute and Wm. Carter.

1787, May 29. Thomas Burbury, p. St. Lawrence, London, and Sarah Giles, lic. W.: Benjn. Giles, Jno. Giles.

1792, Ap. 15. John Hoyd and Mary Hodnett. By T. C. Johnstone, Rector. W.: Ann Price, Thomas Maund.

1793, Oct. 7. William Martin and Sarah Crumpter. By H. Hopkins, Minister. W.: Sarah Martin, William Carter.

1794, May 26. Edward Green, p. Ashford Bowdler, co. Salop (clerk) and Martha Giles, sp. By T. Napleton. W.: Benjn. Giles, senr., Benjn. Giles, junr., Sarah Green, Jemima Giles.

1795, May 9. John Wall, b., and Ann Tombs, sp. By H, Hopkins, Curate. W.: Thomas Wall, Mary Pound.

1796, Nov. 8. Philip Birt Adams, p. St. Lawrence, in the Town of Ludlow, b., and Jemima Giles, sp., lic. By Edward Green, Clk. W.: Martha Green, Wm. Adams.

1801, Nov. 16. Thomas Williams, p. Cleobury Mortimer, b., and Ann Shutt. By Edward Green, Curate. W.: George Taylor, Elinor Cox.

1802, May 15. James Waring, p. Cainham, b., and Ann Purslow, sp., lic. W.: Richd. Galliers, Sarah Purslow.

1804, Dec. 13. Benjamin Pritchard, b., and Ann Curran, sp. lic. W.: Edwd. Curran, Ann Clent.

1805, Jan. 3. James Shutt and Hannah Price, p. Leominster. W.: George Taylor.

1806, Ap. 22. Benjamin Bray, p. Cainham, b., & Ann Clent, sp. lic. W.: Edwd. Clent, Sarah Clent.

1807, Oct. 24. Samuel Taylor, b., and Elizabeth Smythe, sp. W.: Wm. Wilden.

1808, June 6. Thomas Berrington, p. Hope, b., and Susannah Curran, of the same, sp. W.: Elizabeth Curran, Edwd. Curran.

1812, Oct. 19. William Davis, p. Coreley, b., and Hester Palmer, sp. W.: Ricd. Evans.

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