Alnwick Northumberland Principal Inhabitants Universal British Directory 1791

The principal inhabitants are as follow:


Alder Robert, Esq.

Burrell James, Esq.

Charleton Wm. Esq. Justice of Peace

Carr Richard, Esq.

Davison Nicholas, Esq.

Farquhar George, Esq.

Forster Thomas, Esq.

Gallon Edward, Esq. Justice of Peace

Pearson Mr. Jacob

Selby George, Esq.


Cook Rev. Mr.

Marshall Rev. Mr. Boarding Schoolmaster

Reed Rev. Mr. Curate of Embleton

Johnson Rev. John, Curate of Alnwick Church


Davison Henry, Surgeon

Falder Joseph, Surgeon

Pringle Mr. Physician

Towns Robert, Surgeon

Wardle Mr. Surgeon

Wilson John and William, Surgeons


Adams Thomas, Attorney

Brown Mr. Attorney

Carr Thomas, Attorney

Harriott Mr. Attorney

Lambert Anthony, Attorney

Lindsay John, Attorney

Richardson Robert, Attorney

Selby George, Attorney

Traders, &c.

Abercromie Andrew, Currier

Annett Ralph, Grocer, Dealer in Flax, Wood, Iron, Spirits, and Wine

Atkinson William, Victualler

Appleby William, Victualler

Allen William, Peruke-maker

Anderson John, Shoe-maker

Allison Thomas, Shoe-maker

Bell Henry, Victualler

Bolam John, Victualler

Beall Thomas, Victualler

Baird William, Grocer and Tea Dealer, Dealer in Flax, Wood, Malt, Iron, Wine, and Spirits

Bowmaker James, Bricklayer

Bowmaker William, Bricklayer

Burrell Palfray George, Banker

Bolton James, Butcher

Burn – , Currier

Busby Thomas, Butcher and Drover

Bolton J. Shoe-maker & Tallow Chandler

Bolton George, Shoe-maker

Bogue J. Glazier, Tinner, & Plumber

Burn James, Hatter

Currey William, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Tobacconist

Crawford – , Taylor

Cozens David, Peruke-maker

Coward John, Tallow Chandler

Castles Dorothy, Milliner

Daglish Thomas, Victualler

Davison Matthew, Victualler

Dent Roger, Victualler

Dodds and Smith, Linen and Woollen Drapers

Daglish Joseph, Watch-maker

Dand John, Skinner and Breeches-maker

Downey John, Taylor

Douglas John, Shoe-maker

Elder James, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Dealer in Flax, Iron, Wine, & Spirits

Foord John, Victualler

Forster Jane, Victualler

Finlay George, Dealer in Spirits

Finley Mrs. Peruke-maker

Forster John, Linen and Woollen Draper, Dealer in Tea and Spirits

Grey John, Victualler

Graham Ralph, Victualler

Graham John, Victualler

Gladstains James, Grocer & Tea Dealer

Gough – , Stay-maker

Gibson Thomas, Baker

Gibson John, Shoe-maker

Graham James, Stationer

Graham – , Common Carrier

Henderson Andrew, Victualler

Hall Joseph, Victualler

Hudson William, Victualler

Henderson Ralph, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Flax Dresser

Hastings David, Watch-maker

Hodgson Mrs. Keeper of the Post-office

Hindmarsh Luke, Tanner

Hindmarsh Matthew, Butcher & Drover

Harrison T. Tinner, Glazier, & Plumber

Hall Joseph, Victualler

Hindmarsh Michael, Hardware-man

Hunter Richard, Stay-maker

Hindmarsh George, Shoe-maker

Horsley John, Clogger, and Dealer in Butter and Cheese

Huntley John, Shoe-maker

Hardy Tho. Linen & Woollen Draper

Jobson John, Victualler

Johnson Robert, Victualler

Johnson Edward, Taylor

King Thomas, Watch-maker

Knox George, Gardener and Seeds-man

Knox James, Gardener and Seeds-man

Kane Francis, Shoe-maker

Lindsay Wm. Grocer, and Dealer in Flax

Lillie Robert, Taylor

Lindsay Thomas, Justice’s Clerk

Lamonby William, Skinner

Leathead William, Cabinet-maker and House Carpenter

Liddell Thomas, Taylor

Lindsay George, Butcher

Lindsay – , Schoolmaster

Mills Matthew, Victualler

Moore Robert, Victualler

Moody J. Shoe-maker, & County Bailiff

Manners – , Gardener to the Duke of Northumberland

Moses – , Cabinet-maker

Milne William, Baker

Moore R. Skinner and Breeches-maker

Moore Robert, Breeches-maker and Victualler, Black Swan

Marshall John, Dyer

Mattison Luke, Hardware-man

Moffatt Thomas, Hatter

Nesbitt George, Mason

Nicholson Thomas, Butcher

Nevill Isabel, Victualler

Neall Stanton, Shoe-maker

Pringle John, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Flax Dresser

Purvis Samuel, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Tallow Chandler

Purvis James, Brewer

Patterson R. Linen and Woollen Draper

Rankin Thomas, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Dealer in Cheese and Butter

Russell James, House Carpenter

Rogerson John, Shoe-maker

Rennison Thomas, Wheelwright and House Carpenter

Reay Timothy, Butcher

Reaveley Robert, Baker

Redhead Alice, Milliner

Swan James, Grocer and Tea Dealer

Samp Edward, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Dealer in Flax, Iron, and Malt

Scott Gavin, Tobacconist, Grocer, and Tea Dealer

Strother Thomas, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Dealer in Spirits and Wine

Sanderson John, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Flax Dresser

Sewell – , Cabinet-maker

Sutheran John, Peruke-maker

Scott T. Tobacconist & Tallow Chandler

Strafford Thomas, Plaisterer

Stanniford William, Plaisterer

Smith George, Dealer in Spirits

Scott Gavin and Son, Linen Drapers

Sutheran Thomas, Peruke-maker

Shepherd Vincent, Cabinet-maker and House Carpenter

Skelly Joseph & Benjamin, Shoe-makers

Thew William, Victualler

Thirlwell John, House Steward of Alnwick Castle

Thompson Andrew, Taylor

Thompson William, Butcher

Wilson George, Victualler, White Swan

Wallace Henry, House Carpenter

Wilkin Thomas, Land Surveyor to the Duke of Northumberland, &c.

Wilson William, Shoe-maker & Currier

Waddle J. Tinner, Glazier, & Plumber

Wilson Wm. Linen & Woollen Draper

Weatherburn Ann, Victualler

Weatherburn John, Wheelwright

Wilson Geo. Wine and Spirit Merchant

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 2.

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