Blackburn Lancashire – Commercial Directory of the Jews of Gt. Britain. 1894


ARDLEIGH RANGE. Pinkus, A.; Draper and general dealer.

BOLTON STREET. Weller, J., 51; Picture frame maker.

FEILDEN STREET. Aaron, I., 53; Picture and general dealer.

JAMES STREET. Goldman; Financial agent.

MINCING LANE. Saks, Samuel, & Co.; Chamois leather manufacturer and sponge merchant. Est. 1882.

NORTHGATE STREET. Rosenson, 45; Glass dealer and contractor.

REGENT STREET. Kujawski, Jos., 46; Waterproof garment manufacturer; also practical chiropodist. Est. 1876.

Source: Commercial Directory of the Jews of the United Kingdom 1894 by Harfield, Eugene G.

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