Chatham Kent – Commercial Directory of the Jews of Gt. Britain. 1894


BANKS, ROCHESTER. Lyon, John ; Upholsterer. Salomons, B. J., (Rev.) ; Min. Mem. Syn.

LUTON ROAD. Berliner, I. ; Broker. Goodman, B. ; Broker.

HIGH STREET. Barnett, B., 162 ; Clothier. Harrison, Chas., 165 ; Butcher for congregation. Samuel, Jos., 184 ; Wholesale and retail clothier.

RAILWAY STREET. Hyman, Ph., 20 ; Financier.

RICHARD STREET. Posner, Hy., 20 ; Master tailor.

WATT’S PLACE. Franklin, D. M., 10 ; Picture-frame maker. Woolf, Rachel, 4 ; Greengrocer and umbrella maker.

Source: Commercial Directory of the Jews of the United Kingdom 1894 by Harfield, Eugene G.

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