Tyndale Baptist Chapel Arrowsmiths Dictionary of Bristol 1884

Tyndale, Whiteladies’ road. Cruciform in plan, with vestibule, open porches, large baptistery under the east end, minister’s, deacons’ and ladies’ vestries, a gallery at the west end, a stone staircase in the tower, which is only partially completed. The building is of Pennant stone, with freestone dressing, in the Second Pointed style. The windows throughout have been thoughtfully designed, and are unusually good specimens of modern construction. The chapel was opened 30th September, 1868, by the Hon. And Rev. Baptist Noel. In 1880 commodious lecture and class rooms were added eastward, the design being in accord with the main building. In December, 1882, three of the apex windows were filled in with stained glass, the gift of E. S. Robinson. The cost of the chapel, lecture-hall, &c., has been about £13,000.

Source: Arrowsmith’s Dictionary of Bristol. Edited by Henry J. Spear and J. W. Arrowsmith. Bristol 1884.

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