Scavenging Arrowsmiths Dictionary of Bristol 1884

Scavenging. This is done by contract, generally let for three years; the conditions of the contract are minute and stringent. The principal thoroughfares are swept and cleansed daily; the others twice or three times a week, or as the case may require, according to the state of the weather. The scavengers’ carts go their rounds regularly to remove all house ashes and refuse. The public are required to put these in places convenient for removal by the scavengers at their periodical calls. As a matter of convenience to the residents of the poorer parts of the city, who are frequently without any utensils in which to keep their ashes, the Sanitary Authority have placed large iron boxes as receptacles for such, in convenient places, near populous courts and alleys.

Source: Arrowsmith’s Dictionary of Bristol. Edited by Henry J. Spear and J. W. Arrowsmith. Bristol 1884.

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