Marshfield 1791

A small town on the borders of Somersetshire and Wiltshire, has a market on Tuesday, and fairs on the 24th of May and 24th October.  It is a clothing-town; and considerable trade in malt is carried on in this town, of which great quantities are sent to Bath and Bristol.  It is distant from Bath seven miles, Bristol twelve, Sodbury eight, Chippenham ten, Gloucester thirty-six, and London one hundred and four.
The town consists chiefly of one street of old buildings, near a mile long, and is governed by a bailiff; it has a large good church, with a well-endowed almshouse, and a chapel to it, for eight poor people, and a charity-school.  The parish is sixteen miles in circumference.  There are three stones, near a place called the Rocks, to mark the limits of the counties of Gloucester, Wilts, and Somerset, where they meet in a point.  One of those stones stands in this parish, which borders upon the two last-mentioned counties.
The principal inns are the Catharine-wheel and Crown.
The post comes in and goes out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. – No coach or regular carrier to or from Marshfield. – The following is a list of the principal inhabitants:

Gentry, &c.

Baldwin John, Gent.
Bedford James, Gent
Bence Isaac, Gent. (F.)
Coddrington Sir Wm. Bart. M.P. (F.)
Francombe Mrs. Betty
Harford Mrs. Mary
Horlock Isaac Webb, Esq. (F.)
Hollister Charles, Gent. (F.)
Hollister Nicholas, Gent. (F.)
Oland Mrs. Martha
Osborne William, Gent
Snell William, Gent. (F.)
Toghill Stephen, Gent.


Watkins Rev. John Burton, (F.). Vicar


Merewether Alworth, M.D.
Smith Henry, (F.) Surgeon, &c.


Freeme Isaac, Attorney
Osborne George Bennett, Attorney

Traders, &c.

Bane Nath. and Thomas, Maltsters
Bence Joseph, Maltster
Bryan Sarah, shopkeeper
Burcombe Thomas, Mason
Bush William, (F.) Innholder
Cox John, (F.) Shoemaker
Cox Samuel, Baker
Dyer Joseph, (F.) Shopkeeper
Gardiner Amos, Starchmaker
Huff Michael, (F.) Maltster
Huff Thomas, (F.) Butcher
Isaac Edward, (F.) Brewer
Lewis William, Baker and Maltster
Osborne Thomas, (F.) Maltster
Osborne William, Butcher
Powell Peter, (F.) Carpenter
Ranger James, (F.) Maltster
Ranger James, Carpenter
Remnant Charles, Schoolmaster
Roach Eleanor, Soapboiler
Roach Wm. Innholder and Post-master
Shapland Martha, Maltster
Smith Thomas, (F.) Maltster
Sumsion John, (F.) Sadler
Taylor Daniel, (F.) Glazier
Tiley John, (F.) Maltster
Waite William, (F.) Maltster
Woodward Joseph, (F.) Maltster
Woodward James, Starchmaker
Yeeles John, (F.) Catharine-wheel Inn

Source: Universal British Directory 1791

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